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VELUX TCR 0K14 0010 14" Rigid Sun Tunnel For Flat Roof

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£410.10 inc. VAT
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TCR 0K14 0010
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Product Description

VELUX sun tunnels for flat roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and cupboards, under pitched roofs, where installation of a VELUX roof window is not possible.

Rigid sun tunnels allow maximum daylight to travel from the roof to your room below.

VELUX recommend between 0.85m and 1.85m tunnel length for optimum daylight performance.

  • White PVC kerb with clear polycarbonate dome
  • On-site flashing required
  • Double layer diffuser with new Edge-Glow technology increases the spread of light

What are VELUX sun tunnels?

VELUX sun tunnels are a stylish way to transform your home, flooding rooms with tons of natural light and creating an air of space and freshness. Most houses have rooms that struggle to receive enough daylight, creating spaces that feel cold and unwelcoming until you turn on a light. VELUX sun tunnel skylights are the perfect antidote to this dim, dark problem.

And they're easy to fit!

What types are available?

Depending on where you will be installing your VELUX sun tunnels, it's worth considering whether you need flexible or rigid tubes. VELUX flexible light tubes are great for awkward roof spaces, and working around obstacles. However, a VELUX rigid tube will deliver more overall light into your room, with a super reflective coating allowing for 98% internal reflection.

What are the features & benefits of them?

Due to the way they flood a room with light, VELUX sun tunnels are an incredibly cost effective way to brighten up your home - saving you from having to switch on lights and use electricity to brighten dark or windowless rooms.

Due to its dark coloured, flat, square frame and flashing in polyurethane with clear, robust glass, the VELUX sun tunnel fits in perfectly with any roof, in the same classic style as VELUX roof windows. The attractive diffuser unit sits seamlessly in the ceiling, spreading soft and restful light throughout the room.

Product Specification

Application Flat roof
Compatible Roof Material(s) Universal
Diameter 35cm (14")
Guarantee 10 years
Product Type Sun tunnel
Roof Pitch 0-15°
Room Size 11-15 m²
Self-Cleaning Yes
Tube Length 1.7m
Tube Type Rigid

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31 January 2017

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