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EDW 2x1 AL S 5/9
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The Roto Q4 combination tile flashing is suitable for tile up to 120mm thick. The combination tile flashing allows for RotoQ windows to be installed side-by-side with a gap of 100mm between both windows, thus gaining maximum daylight.

Roto flashings integrate with the roof covering to provide a weather-tight finish around the window. Window flashings are designed to sit under the roofing materials, and then the water from the roof is collect in the built-in guttering system. The gutter overlaps a second section of the flashing to help the water flow smoothy down the side of the window. The flashing apron moulds to the roof material profile to allow the water to drain away.

  • Flashings for installing two RotoQ roof windows side-by-side into tile up to 120mm thick

Product Specification

Brand Roto
Combination Flashings Two in a row
Compatible Roof Material(s) Tile
External Finish Grey
Gap 100mm
Maximum Tile Profile 120mm
Minimum Tile Profile 15mm
Size (W x H) 55 x 98cm
Style Combination RotoQ
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