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RoofLITE UCX M4A 2E Part 2 Combination Flashing 100mm Gap 78x98cm

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Product Description

RoofLITE part two element allows for multiple RoofLITE roof windows to be installed side-by-side with a 100mm gap between the roof windows.

If a triple combination is needed, the following products would be used;

  • 1 x parts 1+3
  • 1 x part 2

For every additional window that wants to be added, just add another part 2 element.

Specifications: Suitable for installation on tiles and slates (see Useful Downloads above to download pdf instructions)

The RoofLITE UCX combi flashing system allows you to install more than one roof window in a variety of ways.  

The RoofLITE UCX combi flashing is perfect for when you want to fit multiple roof windows into the roof. The combi flashing enables you to install roof windows in a grid fashion. With 7 basic parts you can install the windows vertically, horizontally or in group blocks - from two windows side by side up to any number of windows in one or more rows (width) or columns (height).

The RoofLITE UCX combi flashing is made from aluminium (lead free) and is the same grey colour (RAL7043) as the external part of RoofLITE’s roof windows. This flashing is capable of handling any weather conditions and is resistant to UV radiation. Extensively tested for complete water tightness under the most rigorous conditions.

Part 2 of the UCX combi flashing provides the middle piece of a triple combination of windows, sitting in between parts 1 & 3 of the UCX combi flashing system.

The RoofLITE UCX combi flashing is easy to install and comes with a 10-year guarantee. The flashing box contains the cladding parts, flashing parts and instruction manual.

Please note that only RoofLITE flashing is accepted in respect of the guarantee on the RoofLITE roof windows.

Features & benefits:

  • Enables you to install multiple roof windows in any desired combination
  • Suitable for roofing materials with a profile height of between 16-120 mm
  • All weather and UV ray resistant
  • Perfect water tightness
  • Ensures a watertight connection with the roof
  • Lead free
  • Easy to install
  • For Installation in roofs with a slope of between 15 to 90 degrees
  • 10-year guarantee
  • The flashing box contains the cladding parts, flashing parts and instruction manual

Product Specification

Brand RoofLITE
Combination Flashings Part 2
Compatible Roof Material(s) Universal
External Finish Grey
Gap 100mm
Guarantee 10 years
Roof Pitch 15-90°
Size (W x H) 78 x 98cm
Slate Thickness 16 to 120 mm
Style Combination
Water Tightness 100%