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Lightway F400 Through Wall Sun Tunnel Basic Kit - 32cm Diameter

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Product Description

Install a sun tunnel to a wall to add daylight to flats, basements and other rooms.

The Lightway F400 through wall installation that streams daylight into flats and underground rooms, such as cellars. It's also perfect for other dark rooms, such as kitchens and lounges, that need more daylight.

How does this sun tunnel work?

Just like a standard sun tunnel, but it's mounted on your wall.

The light collector on the outside channels the sun's rays through a horizontal tube, through a diffuser and into the space on the other side. 

How effective is this sun tunnel?

The Lightway F400 collects 3 times more light than a standard sun tunnel and easily transmits its over distances of up to 30m.

It will provide more than enough natural light to negate the need for lightbulbs during the day. You can easily read a book or newspaper sitting under the installation. As long as there is daylight, the Lightway Crystal sun tunnel will add natural light to your home - even on a cloudy winter's day.

Installation available by Authorized Lightway Sunpipe Installer from only £200* - please call for details

  • *Prices are subject to location and number of systems

Product Specification

Application Through wall
Base Dimensions Height 68cm, length 43.5cm, depth 31cm
Brand Lightway
Compatible Roof Material(s) N/A
Diameter 32cm (12.5")
Guarantee 10 years
Material Super reflective sterling silver
Pack Includes Side wall unit, diffuser, fixings
Tube Length 62.5cm
Tube Type Rigid
Weight Approx. 46kg

Customer reviews

By Mike & Linda 04 April 2017
We are thrilled with the light that has been created in what was a very dark room. Later this year we are thinking of having a sun tunnel fitted on the landing via the roof so we hope to be in touch with you again.

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