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"The difference is amazing!"

The Lightway Crystal is probably the best performing sun tunnel in the UK. This sun tunnel will add more daylight to your home than competitors' and guarantee performance that will be as good in years to come as on the first day you installed it.

This sun tunnel size is ideal for stairs, lounges, kitchens & bathrooms.

Why does it perform better than competitor brands?

  • Dome top design lets more sunlight pass into the sun tunnel than a flat finish
  • Self-cleaning crystal dome won't deteriorate over time
  • Sterling silver interal lining of the tube reflects more daylight
  • Sturdy clips hold the tube in place, rather than tape that will unstick
  • Stylish diffuser fits seamlessly in your ceiling

As long as there is daylight, the Lightway Crystal sun tunnel will add natural light to your home - even on a cloudy winter's day.

How much daylight will this sun tunnel produce? 4 lightbulbs on a sunny day, 3 lightbulbs on a cloudy day*

The handmade Bohemian crystal dome is unique to the Lightway Crystal sun tunnel. The crystal glass dome won't distort the colours of sunlight. Unlike plastic domes, they are self-cleaning so dirt and debris won't stick to it.

The light pipe transmits more daylight into your home thanks to the highly reflective sterling silver internal layer. It won't warp, rot or rust over time, ensuring not only do you get more daylight, you will continue to do so when others fail. Lightway is so confident in its tube's performance, it has a 25-year guarantee.

The glass diffuser will complement your white ceiling. It will spread the natural light evenly from the source into the room below, giving you enough daylight to read a newspaper in December sitting under the sun tunnel.

Installation available by Authorized Lightway Sunpipe Installer from only £200* - please call for details

  • *Prices are subject to location and number of systems

Product Specification

Application Flat roof
Brand Lightway
Compatible Roof Material(s) Universal
Diameter 32cm (12.5")
Diffuser Material Sodium-potassium glass
Dome Material Bohemian crystal
Guarantee 25 years
Internal Tube Material Sterling silver
Pack Includes Bohemian crystal dome, glass diffuser & white trim, flat roof kerb, flashing & collar, ceiling tube, 625mm long reflective tube
Reflective Tube Guarantee 25 years
Roof Pitch 0-15°
Room Size 11-15 m²
Style Flat roof
Tube Length 0.625m
Tube Type Rigid
Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

18 July 2017
Brilliant sun tunnel. What was once a dark bathroom with no sunlight is now the lightest room in the house!
07 June 2017
I am very pleased with my light tunnel – I can’t believe how much light there is now on such a dark landing.
26 April 2017
We are thrilled to bits with the sun tunnel. I had no idea it would give that much light out, it’s amazing. Both my neighbours and my brother who lives on the next block have been to see it and are Very impressed.
18 August 2016


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