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Lightway Commercial Maximus 5000 - 1200mm Diameter

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Product Description

The Lightway Maximus 5000 is perfect for daytime lighting in commercial applications, such as industrial halls, offices, sales areas, and warehouses. It contains a pre-assembled skylight, making installation quick and simple (only 15 minutes per set). Installation does not require a specialised company, or specific training, only a simple manual. It also contains an integrated thermal block Lightway Blue Performance 0.7 W/m²K, allowing you to control the temperature in your building. In Winter, the Maximus 5000 greatly reduces heat loss, while in Summer months, the internal spaces will not be heated and will not allow transmission of infared light.

Why choose a commercial sun tunnel?

Natural daylight has a multitude of positive affects, compared to artificial lighting. Lightway fulfills hygienic norms for daylighting, and healthy daylight can result in lower frequency of illness, increased concentration and enthusiasm, and healthier eyes and physical condition.

To light a 10 000m² hall, 50 sets of Lightway Maximus 5000 are necessary. This replaces 350 electric LED lights, with an output of 350 x 144W. Therefore, you can light your halls for free, with a return investment of only 5 years.

Light uniformity

The Maximus 5000 has effective diffusers, which give greater uniformity of daylighting. They provide better light distribution compared to classic skylights, specifically, substituting 3-5m² of classic glass surfaces. At night, the LED hybrid system provides the same amount of light, mimicking natural daylight.


  • Diameter of dome: 1246mm
  • Diameter of sun tube: 1159mm
  • Required construction opening diameter: 1246mm +/- 5mm
  • Height of waterproof extraction above roof level: 200mm
  • Length of sun tube in basic installation set: 1250mm
  • Tube reflectivity: 99.8%
  • Reflective tube surface: chemically vapour-deposited in a vacuum
  • Reflective tube material: Aluminium
  • Roof sleeve material: zinc-coated tin/stainless steel
  • Heat permeability coefficient of sun tube: 0.7 W/m²K
  • Light flow: 85 000 lumens
  • Effective overall maximum distance of sun pipe: 80m (including 2 possible elbows of 90° for directional change – vertical or horizontal)
  • Light loss along sub pipe: 0.5% per metre (up to 10m), 0.7% per metre (over 10m), 2% (45° elbow), 4% (90° elbow)
  • Lighted surface area: 200m² for a hall of 8m
  • Equivalent artificial lighting: 7 electric lights (144W)
  • Guarantee: 25 years for sub tube, 10 years for entire product


  • Roof sleeve extensions: 100mm and 250mm
  • Extension tube lengths: 416mm, 625mm and 1250mm
  • System elbow: adjustable 0-45°
  • LED Maximus hybrid set for artifical lighting
    • Useful for independent lighting without connection to daylight – saves needing artifical lighting alongside sun tunnels
    • Performance of 155W
    • LED dimmer has ability to change colour of lighting
    • Control sensors – automatically controlled system of light intensity in morning and evening hours, or during very bad light conditions. It reduces/raises the light flow
    • Switches off the inflow of sunlight during the day
    • Mimics natural daylight, not artificial light
  • LED Maximus Hybrid Energy Storage 24 Nonstop 5000
    • System that stores electric energy in batteries, which can then be a source of electric energy during poor lighting hours
    • This is produced by photovoltaic panels integrated into the Lightway LED Hybrid system on the roof, including integrated batteries
    • Performance of 155W
    • Results in no expensive for electricity
    • Battery capacity for 11 hours of full operation
    • Automatically dimmable
    • Control sensors

Product Specification

Application Flat roof
Brand Lightway
Compatible Roof Material(s) Universal
Diameter 120cm (47.2")
Guarantee 10 years
Hole In The Roof Diameter 1170mm +/- 5mm
Inert Gas Argon
Internal Tube Material Aluminium
Light Transmission 85 000 lumens
Reflection 99.8%
Reflective Tube Guarantee 25 years
Tube Length 1250mm
Tube Type Rigid
U-value 0.7 W/m²K

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