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KLN 300 VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch



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KLN 300
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Product Description

The VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch is a component of VELUX’s new revolutionary smart home package, VELUX ACTIVE.

Compatible with all VELUX INTEGRA windows, VELUX ACTIVE lets your home automatically take care of you and your familly's health and wellbeing by creating a cleaner indoor climate through regular and smarter ventilation.

This is achieved through the VELUX ACTIVE smart sensor which monitors and reacts to the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels within the home by automatically opening or closing windows to ensure good air quality and optimal livability.

VELUX Departure Switch

The departure switch can be used as either a handheld device or attached to the wall near exit doors to provide a reminder to securely close all INTEGRA windows and lock them in safe mode when leaving the house.

Your windows can be taken in and out of safe mode by a simple tap of the switch. Safe mode limits the automatic opening of INTEGRA windows to background ventilation only.

Putting your windows into safe mode guarantees security and peace of mind, as your home continues to ensure the air does not deteriorate at the same time as protecting your property from break-ins.

This departure switch comes as standard with the VELUX ACTIVE Package, but can be purchased separately if you would like a switch for more than one door. 

The same function available on the VELUX Departure Switch is also available on the VELUX ACTIVE app, downloadable from Google Play or the App Store.

Product Specification

Code KLN 300