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KLA 300 VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor



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KLA 300
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Product Description

The VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor is a component of VELUX's revolutionary new smart home package, VELUX ACTIVE.

Compatible with all VELUX INTEGRA windows, VELUX ACTIVE lets your home automatically take care of you and your familly's health and wellbeing by creating a cleaner indoor climate through regular and smarter ventilation.

This is achieved through the VELUX ACTIVE smart sensor which monitors and reacts to the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels within the home by automatically opening or closing windows to ensure good air quality and optimal livability.

For the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, the VELUX ACTIVE app lets you track your indoor climate operate your INTEGRA windows from any room in the home with the touch or a screen or voice activation.

VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor

The Indoor Climate Sensor comes as standard with the VELUX ACTIVE Package, but needs to be purchased separately if you have VELUX INTEGRA windows installed in multiple rooms and want ACTIVE to work throughout the home.

The climate sensor measures the temperature and air quality of a room, constantly monitoring CO2 and humidity levels in the air we breathe.

Ths information is then sent to the VELUX gateway hub, which works in tandem with your VELUX electric or solar windows to automatically ventilate your home more efficiently.

If you already own VELUX INTEGRA products, putting the indoor climate sensor and VELUX ACTIVE package in place is simple; the kit coming with everything you need to install the system yourself. 

Product Specification

Code KLA 300