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KLA 300 VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor



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KLA 300
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Product Description

Available from the 1st of July

The VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor is a component of VELUX’s revolutionary new smart home package, VELUX ACTIVE. ACTIVE lets your home automatically take care of you and your familly's health and wellbeing by creating a cleaner indoor climate through regular and smarter ventilation.

The Indoor Climate Sensor comes as standard with the VELUX ACTIVE Package, but needs to be purchased separately if you have VELUX INTEGRA windows installed in multiple rooms and want ACTIVE to work throughout the home.

The climate sensor measures the temperature and air quality of a room, constantly monitoring CO2 and humidity levels in the air we breathe. The information in the sensor is then sent to the VELUX gateway hub, which works in tandem with your VELUX INTEGRA electric or solar windows to automatically ventilate your home more efficiently.

If you already own VELUX INTEGRA products, putting the indoor climate sensor and VELUX ACTIVE package in place is simple; the kit coming with everything you need to install the system yourself. 

Easy operation

Once the information gathered by the indoor sensor is transferred to the gateway, VELUX ACTIVE adjusts your windows automatically to ensure you enjoy a healthier, fresher indoor environment. Achieving this desired effect could not be easier.

The VELUX ACTIVE app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, enabling you to operate your VELUX INTEGRA windows from any room in the home, or anywhere in the world. The app lets you keep track of the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home for a better indication of when to open and close your windows.

If that was not simple enough, control is even easier if you have an iPhone as VELUX ACTIVE is compatible with Apple Homekit, allowing you to operate your INTEGRA windows by voice activation for the ultimate in convenience.

If you wish to override the built-in algorithms of ACTIVE, settings can be easily adjusted to give you full control over how the technology works for you and your home. 

One step ahead

VELUX ACTIVE acts as your home’s very own weatherman, reacting to forecasts by opening or closing your windows before your room gets overheated, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your room will always be to a comfortable temperature.

If you want to upgrade your manual VELUX window to electric or solar so that you can enjoy the many benefits of VELUX ACTIVE, the switch can be easily made through the purchase of a VELUX Conversion Kit.

Perfect for home extensions

If you are currently working on or considering enlarging your living space, VELUX ACTIVE is a smart way of ensuring all new rooms are healthy and child-friendly from the get go.

The importance of keeping on top of the atmospheric factors in your house has never been more important. A recent study found that the air in our homes is 5 times as polluted as the air outside our walls, with children’s rooms proven to be worst affected.

Imagine getting that same fresh air feeling you get when you step outside, every time you arrive home from work. VELUX ACTIVE makes this a reality, without you having to do anything. Though space and appearance will most often take precedent for homeowners when it comes to extension priorities, making sure your living or leisure area is a healthy, fresh and comfortable one is even more important. See our dedicated VELUX Extensions page for further inspiration and ideas to improve the look and feel of your home. 


Product Specification

Code KLA 300
Type ACTIVE system