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Electric Dome Double Skin with Vents & Wall Switch 70x70cm

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    2.68 W/m²K



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Product Description

The complete package for the best price

When buying the electric polycarbonate dome, you're getting the whole package. The PVCu upstand and the dome with thickness of your choice. The only thing you need onsite is flashing and this is whatever your roof material is, be it GRP, felt or rubber for instance.

Award winning upstands

It doesn't matter which one you choose, you have the peace of mind knowing that all upstands are thermally broken and designed to help improve the overall thermal efficiency of your roof. Made from extruded PVCu and pre-finished white internally, it gives a perfectly finished design suitable for any interior.

Why not go one better? Upgrade to ECO

Upgrade from the standard upstand to the ECO upstand to receive the most thermally efficient, environmentally friendly rooflight upstand yet. Built with a strong nine-walled cellular structure, this thermally broken upstand also has a groove built into the upstand to allow for a smooth plasterboard finish. The ECO upstand has an overall U-value of 0.92W/m2K compared to the standard upstand that has a U-value of 2.2W/m2K

  • Density
  • Dimensions
    Thickness - 50mm
    Height - 160mm 

What is the best skin thickness for you?

  • Single skin - Recommended to only be used in uninhabited areas such as a garage, corridor, storage room (U-value: 5.36 W/m2K)
  • Double skin - Recommended to be used when replacing a dome, ie like for like replacement (U-value: 2.68 W/m2K)
  • Triple skin - Must be used on new builds to comply with building regulations (Part L Thermal Performance) (U-value: 1.78 W/m2K)
  • Quadruple skin - Recommended for best thermal performance (U-value: 1.24 W/m2K)

How secure are the roof domes?

Unique to our electric roof domes are the high-security screwbolts, supplied factory fitted as standard to all units. Once installed, the fixing cannot be removed using common tools. The screwbolt provides a high level of resistance to tampering or forced entry.

The fixing screw or bolt is sleeved within the body of the screwbolt which avoids pressure being exerted on the rooflight glazing as the fixing is tightened. This virtually eliminates the risk of stress fractures caused by over-tightening.

Keeping your rooms chilled

An opening flat roof dome offers more ventilation as well as natural daylight to your living space. You can also have a controllable trickle vent built into two sides of the upstand for even more ventilation. The roof domes will open up to 400mm for ventilation and the barrel bolt can be removed to allow the dome to open fully if you ever need to get onto the roof. The ventilation can provide 8000mm2 ventilation area which assists with Building Regulations compliance.

The manual spindle operation can be operated by a winding rod if the unit is out of reach.

Please note extra ventilation option is only suitable for manual opening roof domes.

Add that wow factor to your home

Any electric operated opening unit is going to add value to your home as well as real wow factor. Powered by a 230v electric actuator, it can be controlled by remote control or wall switch. The choice can be made above. The unit opens to 400mm and is perfect for installation into high ceilings where the manual operation is going to be out of the users reach.

All remote control units come complete with rain sensor, control panel and remote control.

All wall switch control units come with a retractive switch, but no rain sensor.


When installed, the electric domes are expected to exceed the life of the roof covering and will not rust or be affected by atmospheric pollution. They are maintenance free once installed. The domes are guaranteed against the effects of defective design, materials or construction for 10 years, subject to certain conditions. 

Dimensions shown is the roof opening size required.

Product Specification

Brand Sterlingbuild
Finish Clear
Material Polycarbonate
Opening Mechanism Hinged
Opening Method Wall switch
Operation Electric
Shape Square
Size (W x L) 70 x 70cm
Skin Thickness Double skin
Type Polycarbonate dome
Upstand 15cm
U-value 2.68 W/m²K
Ventilation Manual