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ECO+ Fixed Flat Glass Rooflight 45x85cm

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Product Description

The ECO+ fixed flat glass roof window has been engineered with energy efficiency and the comfort of its users at the forefront of design.

This direction is evidenced by all sizes coming with a better than average U-value of 1.1 W/m²K that confirms strong thermal performance and a pre-fitted PVC upstand to save customers time and money on sourcing, building and fitting their own.

The ECO+ glass specification is as follows: 6mm Toughened Outer Pane / 16mm Argon Filled Cavity / 8mm Laminated Inner Pane. 

The thermal efficiency of ECO+ rooflights is owed largely to the argon gas and warm edge spacer which sandwich the double glazed window unit, along with the low-E coated outer pane and foam-filled PVC upstand.

All this means that your home will stay warmer during the cold winter months as your ECO+ window works to stop the warmth escaping through the roof by trapping it inside. This will help you save money on energy bills as the need to constantly turn up the heating is lowered.

Money will also be saved from the reduction in artificial lighting that your ECO+ rooflight will afford you. ECO+ flat roof windows are ideal for brightening up new and existing flat roof extensions with natural light from the sun while making indoor spaces healthier and homelier too.


The contemporary appearance of the ECO+ is perfect for white-ceilinged rooms like kitchens and dining rooms given its white internal finish. The moisture resistant PVC frame makes maintaining the original look of the window easy.

Keeping the ECO+ rooflight exterior clean is also easy thanks to the self-cleaning glass that comes as standard with every model. 


Safety is another important component of the ECO+ design. All ECO models come with a toughened outer pane that will resist the impact of falling debris or any stray objects that might strike its surface.

Similarly, the inner pane has been laminated to keep it in place should it shatter, allowing you adequate time to find a replacement.


  • 10 years guarantee for the window
  • 20 years guarantee for the glazing unit
  • Lifetime guarantee against hail damage


Specially made ECO+ flat roof blinds can be purchased alongside your rooflight to shut out or dim incoming sunlight. Operating the blinds is easily done with a crank opener.

For warm room installations, consider the ECO+ 150mm extension kerb to achieve 300mm upstand height. 

Find out more about ECO+ and discover some of their more innovate rooflight models, such as the Multi LED and Switch Glass flat glass windows, by visiting the ECO+ brand page.

Product Specification

Brand ECO+
External Finish Black
Finish Black
Glazing Double glazed
Glazing Feature Laminated
Glazing Finish Clear
Glazing Guarantee 20 years
Guarantee 10 years
Hole In The Roof Size (W x L) 45 x 85cm
Inert Gas Argon
Internal Finish White
Laminated Yes
Low E Yes
Operation Fixed
Roof Pitch 2-15°
Self-Cleaning Yes
Size (W x L) 45 x 85cm
Style Standard
Toughened Yes
Type Flat glass rooflight
Upstand 15cm
U-value 1.1 W/m²K
Ventilation None
Weight 30kg

Customer reviews

19 September 2018
20 August 2018
16 August 2018
Great value for money product, looks really nice and has helped us create a special space.
14 August 2018
Great product, easy to install, competitively priced and always fast and free delivery. Thanks sterlingbuild.
24 July 2018
Excellent product & service
01 July 2018
Good solid flat roof window easy to install and good value for money. Excellent delivery service
18 April 2018
Rooflight for my shepherds hut
17 April 2018
Excellent value product. Excellent communication for delivery
19 February 2018
Great product purchase for my loft conversion. My builder said item is very good quality and he fitted it very easily.
18 January 2018
Aesthetically pleasing, high quality product and as per description. Easy to install

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