Frequently Asked Questions About Blinds

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It easy when you know how! The VELUX - and other brand - dataplate can be found on the side of the window's frame.

The dataplate gives essential information about the size and model of your roof window so you can buy the right blind, replacement glazing or replacement window.
To ensure you get a perfect fit your Roto blind, you will need the size and series of your Roto Frank window.

There's no need to measure your window or glazing area.

1. Open your window
2. Check the inside of the frame and/or sash to find a dataplate
3. There may be a protective red, blue or grey case, simply open this to find your dataplate
4. Note the series, eg 735
5. Note the size, eg, 5/9

Find my Roto Colt window size/code

The position of your dataplate will vary according to your Roto model. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.
We have a huge range of videos on how to install VELUX, FAKRO, Roto and other branded roof window blinds on our YouTube channel.
Choose a blinds for your VELUX, FAKRO or Roto window and enjoy range of benefits! Did you know, as well as ensuring privacy and complete blackout during the day, a good window blind can help keep energy bills down and quieten rain noise? Once you have roof blinds, you’ll never go back. The perfect blind will not only fit your roof window, it will complement your room’s décor, be easy to fit and help make your living space comfortable.

Soften direct sunlight: Venetian, Roman, roller, blackout, pleated and blackout energy blinds
Total blackout: Blackout and blackout energy blinds, and external roller shutters
Reduce heat in the summer: Venetian, blackout, external awning blinds and external shutters
Reduce heat loss in winter: Blackout and blackout energy blinds
Reduce noise pollution: External roller shutters
Additional security: External roller shutters
Keep flies & spiders out: Insect screen
VELUX, FAKRO and Roto blackout blinds are designed to give you 100% control over the amount of outside light entering your room. Use them to reduce the glare of direct sunlight or to create total darkness. But did you know they also add other benefits to your loft bedroom or home extension?

Blackout blinds are also great for reducing heat loss in winter. Check your new blackout blind has an aluminium backing, which will help keep your room comfortable in cold weather. Plus, this design will reflect heat in the summer and so reduce solar gain and an overheated room in hot months.

The blackout blinds we sell are designed to fit your roof window perfectly. Our selection spans a rainbow of colours and statement-making stylish graphic prints, with something for every room. Go bold with a sumptuous dark red, add a touch of luxury with a metallic print or add interest to a child’s bedroom with a fun pattern or Disney or Star Wars blackout blind.
Whether your have a VELUX, FAKRO, Roto, ECO+ or RoofLITE roof window in your home, a roller blind is available to finish the look of your room.

Roller blinds offer practical style and are an easy way to soften daylight entering your room. With a huge range of colours and prints, our range has a blind for everyone. Add impact with a bright, orange or yellow, create a luxurious mood with a rich red or deep blue, or add a design touch with a floral or graphic print. Whatever your décor, you’ll find a blind to match in our extensive selection.

The durable fabric subtly diffuses the brightness, softening the mood, and aluminium side channels prevent light from passing in around the edges. The blind also offers variable opening positions, giving you the flexibility to block the sun's rays whilst enjoying the view and daylight.

VELUX Roller Blinds

Electric and solar powered roller blinds are available to fit your VELUX INTEGRA windows. This gives you absolute control over your windows and blinds from anywhere in the home. Combine the roller blind with an external shutter for additional heat protection, sound proofing and absolute blackout.
VELUX shutters are perfect for reducing the noise of rain on your window and happy revellers going home.

The roller shutter is fitted on the outside of your window, effectively stopping the elements, temperature and noise entering your room. You’ll still be able to enjoy fresh air as you can open your window as normal with the shutter installed. If you want some shading without blacking out the room, install a VELUX blind.

These shutters are designed to look sleek and be easy to use. They're available in electric or solar operated remote control so they can be installed and used with your VELUX INTEGRA windows.

If you have the same problem with a FAKRO window, browse our range of FAKRO roller shutters.
For high humidity rooms, you need a Venetian blind. These easy to install and use blinds are perfect for en-suite bathrooms and shower rooms, as well as kitchen extensions.

Venetian blinds are made low maintenance, moisture-resistant materials with slats that can be tilted in any direction to adjust the angle and amount of incoming light, and protect your privacy. And whatever your colour scheme, there's a blind to match.
We highly recommend VELUX energy saving blinds. These well designed blinds can improve the thermal performance of your installation by up to 26%.

By fitting these blinds on your VELUX window you'll be able to create total blackout during the day, block direct sunlight with stepless free positioning in the frame, and get protection from cold weather.
We have just the blind for you! VELUX Roman blinds are made from beautiful fabrics that create soft styling effects.

VELUX Roman blinds are ideal for living spaces, bedrooms and other rooms:
  • An elegant, decorative finish with softer lighting
  • Flexible, stepless positioning
  • A range of beautiful fabrics for easy update
  • Faster, easier installation with the VELUX Pick&Click™ design

Not only do you get a contemporary, stylish finish, you can easily change the fabric to match the change of seasons or new décor, and easily remove it for cleaning. Opt for a darker colour scheme to dim incoming light; use lighter, transparent fabrics to create beautiful soft lighting effects.
Easy! VELUX and FAKRO make insect screens that provide a tight fit on their windows to stop flies, bugs and spiders getting into your room. Rest easy knowing a daddy long legs won't be sneaking up on you!
Operating rods are available at great prices so you can open and close your VELUX blinds easily. Extension rods are available too for very high ceilings. You can also use them on your roof window to enjoy fresh air too.
Alternatively, you could upgrade your installation with a conversaion kit, which will allow you to control your windows and blinds from anywhere in your home.
Yes, we sell a great selection of multi-fit blinds made by Bloc Blinds, who you might have heard of. These blinds are made to exact specifications, using high quality materials to ensure you get a perfect fit whichever window size you have. We supply great range of blackout, roller and Venetian blinds in a selection of colours.