Buying Guide: Choose The Right Flat Rooflight

There is a huge choice of flat rooflight styles and options on the market. When you're starting your research, it may be quite daunting knowing which one to choose for your home. Here, we hope to make the process easier for you by setting out what you need to consider before settling on a rooflight.

But there’s more to choosing the right rooflight for your flat roof extension than you might think. Will they help make your space more comfortable? Which brand? The tips we offer below will help you decide on the right window for your extension and ensure you get the best value for your money.

First things first, 5 very solid reasons why you need a flat rooflight.

What Will A Rooflight Do For Your Home Extension?

Compared to uPVC or wooden frame vertical windows, a rooflight on your flat roof can not only be the cheaper option, it will be one that will add a dramatic difference to your living space:

1. Rooflights maximise daylight where vertical windows can't
2. If your room faces north, a rooflight will let in much needed daylight whilst vertical windows wont
3. Views and light won't be restricted by surrounding trees and buildings
4. Extending your home can make the original space darker, a rooflight will channel daylight deeper into your home
5. Views of the skies will make your room feel bigger

We offer a wide choice of styles that will complement your space or create an eye catching feature.

Daylight in home extensions

Flat or Lantern

Flat glass rooflights provide more daylight for less, especially the ECO+ rooflight  which might quite possibly the best price rooflight in the UK that won't compromise on quality.

Want to make a statement? Roof lanterns certainly do that. A lantern will open up your roof and add huge amounts of natural light, views and a greater feeling of space.

Would you like to make use of your roof as a garden? Don't lose out on useable space by installing a walk-on rooflight. These flush glaze windows are also ideal for installation in the ground to add light to basements and cellars.

Roof lantern windows

Fixed or Opening?

Make the most of your rooflight by opting for an opening model. It will help maintain the comfort and temperature of your kitchen or living space year round by creating a chimney effect. 

The next decision to make is manual, electric or solar? If your budget isn't limited or opening the rooflight by hand is difficult - or even if you would  enjoy a touch of luxury or the latest in gadgets - an electric or solar powered window is for you!

Sterlingbuild Tip! Mix and match a fixed rooflight with an opening one to maximise the health of your room. You'll enjoy a huge amount of daylight as well as fresh air.


Opening roof lights

Size or Quantity?

Is bigger always better? Not always because for some rooms, more is better.

Electric and solar powered windows are easily operated by a handheld control pad or wall switch, making it much easier to open and close windows and blinds. Pre-installed rain sensors will close the window at the first sign of rain.

Yes, the dimension of your rooflight will have an impact on the amount of daylight in your room, but in some cases, using more than one smaller size rooflights will increase the amount of daylight.

Sterlingbuild Tip! Aim for 20% of the roof area to be window, which will ensure a good distribution of light.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Browse Flat Rooflight Windows

We have selected a rooflight to suit every project, every budget and every need from the leading manufacturers of flat rooflights, including VELUX and Sunsquare. To save money without compromising on quality, take a look at the ECO+ rooflights, which we sell at perhaps the lowest price.

If you have any questions about which roof window would be best for your renovation or self-build project, talk to our team. We have been selling roof windows since 2006 and become experts of the products we sell. We will advise you on the right window for your budget without the heavy sell.

Flat skylight windows

Flat Glass Rooflights

Our premium flat rooflights are designed to increase the amount of light entering a room whilst providing a sleek, minimalistic finish both inside and out.

Add daylight to rooms with access to fresh air with a non-opening rooflight, or for that touch of luxury and comfort, opt for an electric rooflight.

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Roof roof lanterns

Roof Lanterns

These contemporary, energy efficient lanterns will add a stunning feature to your home extension.

As well as a great view of the skies above, your room will get up to 3 times more natural light & much more even distribution of daylight. A vented model, will add life to any room.

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Walk-on skylights

Walk-On Rooflights

These windows sit flush with the ground or flat roof for a dramatic and stylish way to brighten your space.

Whether used inside or out, the impact of walk-on windows is great.

Walk-On Rooflights