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How Will VELUX Add Daylight To Your Home?

VELUX centre pivot windows

VELUX windows are easier to install and to use. This classic design is ideal for above head installations, such as kitchen extensions.

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VELUX top hung windows

These models opens outwards for an unobstructed view and the feeling of extra space. Perfect for loft conversions.

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VELUX flat rooflights

Minimalistic flat glass rooflights available as non-opening and hinged to give your extension more daylight and fresh air.

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Enjoy More Light, More Comfort & More Control

VELUX INTEGRA windows will not only add more than twice the amount of daylight to your home extension, they will give you complete control over the amount of light and fresh air in your living space at the touch of a button.

Enjoy complete control over your windows and blinds with electric and solar powered windows. Perfect for a comfortable kitchen or living space.

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Create a Stylish Flat Roof Extension

Let more daylight into your flat roof room with manual and automatic VELUX rooflights.

Enjoy huge amounts of natural light and views of the skies above with the stylish, minimalistic design of the VELUX flat roof window.

These rooflights also provide superb energy efficiency and sound proofing.

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Add Daylight to Windowless Rooms

The difference they make is remarkable, all with very little disruption and a discreet finish.

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Explore our most popular VELUX products

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VELUX TWF 14” flexible sun tunnel


VELUX INTEGRA CVP 100100 SO6Q flat glass rooflight


VELUX INTEGRA GGU MK04 007021U electric roof window 78x98cm