Buying Guide: Choose the Right Sun Tunnel

Sun tunnels are ingenious tubular skylights that channel daylight from your roof to a room or space below. They are perfect for windowless rooms or dark hallways, where you will instantly see the difference in the comfort of your living space. They are quickly and easily installed, causing very little disruption to your home and seamlessly complement your room.

one of the rooms in your house could do with a bit more light, but a window is not really what you had in mind. Or maybe, due to the position of the room, you can't fit vertical or roof windows. Sun tunnels are perfect for flooding light into the most awkward of areas.

Is Your Roof Flat or Sloping?

If your roof is or will be between 0° and 15°, you will need to read our flat rooflight buying guide. If your roof will be/is greater than 15°, read on!

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Internal Finish

For kitchen extensions it’s important you choose a frame that will withstand the humidity, so we recommend PVC and polyurethane (PU) internal frames.

PVC is a familiar option that will complement other uPVC windows and doors. Plus the white internal finish will create a brighter finish in your white ceiling. PVC is the budget friendly option too.

Polyurethane is a high-quality material that coats FSC sourced pine frames to create a seamless, low maintenance finish. This is a highly stylish option and costs slightly more.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Double or Triple?

Double glazing does a great job at retaining heat in your home, but if you’re invested in the energy efficiency of your home, triple glazing is excellent value for money.

Compare the U-values of a double glazed RoofLITE roof window (from £155), 1.4 W/m2K, with an ECO+ triple glazed roof window (from £172), 1.0 W/m2K.

Double glazing is great for south facing extensions that will get plenty of benefits from the sun. North facing extensions tend to lose heat faster and the better thermal performance will make them more comfortable.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Manual or Electric?

Whether you want the ease of use, the latest in home technology or burn the odd meal, a remote controlled roof window will be the perfect option for you.

Electric and solar powered windows are easily operated by a handheld control pad or wall switch, making it much easier to open and close windows and blinds. Pre-installed rain sensors will close the window at the first sign of rain.

To make the most of your budget, we suggest you mix and match manual and electric windows. That way you get more daylight with a group installation and at least one to easily open at the touch of a button.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Which Brand?

We only choose brands that offer great value for money for our customers whatever their budget.

The name VELUX has become synonymous with quality roof windows (from £195), but did you know that smaller brand RoofLITE is owned by the same company and many of their windows (from £130) are made using the same components?

ECO+ windows (from £142) are a bit of an industry secret: they are excellent value for money windows that use the latest in window technology, plus we have them in stock ready to deliver direct to you. FAKRO windows (from £154) are innovative products trusted by architects worldwide. Roto uses intelligent technology in the design of its electric (from £427) roof windows to create high performance products.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Our Recommendations

If you have any questions about which roof window would be best for your renovation or self-build project, talk to our team. We've been selling roof windows since 2006 and become experts of the products we sell. We will advise you on the right window for your budget without the heavy sell.

RoofLITE Duro window

Best for a Tight Budget

RoofLITE Duro PVC Roof Window

• Low maintenance PVC profile
• Double glazing; argon gas
• U-value of 1.4 W/m2K

From £130
ECO+ White PVC Triple Glazed Roof Window

Best Value for Money

ECO+ Triple Glazed PVC Roof Window

• Low maintenance PVC profile
• Triple glazing, kryton gas
• Low E, self-cleaning & anti-condensation & dew treatments
• Q-Lon weatherseals
• U-value of 1.0 W/m2K

From £172

Best Investment

VELUX INTEGRA Solar PU Roof Window

• High quality PU profile
• Triple glazing, kryton gas
• Low E, self-cleaning & anti-condensation & dew treatments
• Excellent sound proofing
• Built-in rain sensor
• Programmable control pad
• U-value of 1.0 W/m2K

From £578