Buying Guide: Pitched Roof Windows

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Not only the price (which is why we offer a price match promise and free delivery) but that you have chosen the right roof window for your room. Here we share tips to help you decide on a roof window you will get the most out of.

Top hung or centre pivot?

Choose a Design

Centre pivot frames are easy to use and offer plenty of natural light and fresh air. This style is ideal for out of reach installations such as kitchens and home extensions.

Top hung and high pivot frames are perfect for loft bedrooms and other eye level projects. The lack of sash protruding into your space means there's more headspace and 45° angle when fully open offer panoramic views and more daylight.

Sterlingbuild Tip! Choose a top hung window for a small room. When open, it will give the feeling of more space and panoramic views.

Decide Upon an Internal Finish

•  White paint: A high quality, bright paint finish over a pine frame that discreetly shows the grain. This option is ideal for loft bedrooms and home extensions. The white reflects natural light and fits seamlessly into your white ceiling.

•  White polyurethane: A stylish, durable frame made of a wooden core encased in moisture-resistant white PU to create a maintenance-free, seamless finish. Due to its properties, this frame is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other humid rooms.

•  uPVC: This robust frame offers a bright, long-lasting finish that will compliment other uPVC windows and doors. Choose this finish for en suite bathrooms and kitchen extensions.

•  Pine: This classic finish is a wooden finish protected by a clear lacquer. It will match traditional interiors.

Wood or white?
Manual or remote control?

Choose a Method of Control

Manually operated roof windows are ideal for installations that are within reach such as loft bedrooms (although a control pole will make them easier to operate them in some cases).

Remote control roof windows will create the ultimate in comfort as well as add a touch of luxury. These windows are ideal for out of reach installations such as kitchen and home extensions. You can use the latest in technology to open and close windows and blinds at the touch of a button.

Sterlingbuild Tip! Mix manual and electric windows for high level installations. You will get more daylight and will still enjoy fresh air.

Pick the Right Glazing

Think about where your roof window will be installed and the benefits you would appreciate in that room. There are a number of different options to choose from, each of which will help make your living space more comfortable.

Loft conversions will benefit from glazing that offers excellent thermal performance and sound proofing, whilst enhanced security or energy efficient triple glazing would be best for your home extension.

Sterlingbuild Tip! Triple glazing is perfect for north facing rooms that will lose more heat than you gain from the sun.

Double or triple glazing?

Find The Right Window for You

What is the Best Roof Window for Your Project?

Just as kitchen knives are suitable for different jobs, roof windows are suitable for different rooms. Below, we offer our recommendations for the best window for popular renovation projects.

Roof windows for kitchen extensions

Kitchen Extension

We recommend the VELUX INTEGRA® solar powered window with a white polyurethane frame.

Why? The white finish will reflect huge amounts of natural light into your kitchen and it is powered by a free, readily available resource - the sun! You can open and close the sash or ventilation to clear the smell of burnt toast easily  plus the seamless PU frame is low maintenance and humidity resistant - so boil those carrots!

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Roof windows for home extensions

Home Extension

Create a more comfortable living space with the VELUX INTEGRA® solar window with a white paint finish and triple glazing.

Why? The high quality white paint will reflect daylight, brightening your home more than a darker wood finish. The solar power operation has an easy to use remote which lets you control your roof windows and blinds with one controller. You can set programmes to suit your lifestyle and in case it does rain, a pre-installed rain sensor will automatically close your window.

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Roof windows for loft conversions

Loft Conversion

Enjoy a bedroom to relax in with the help of the VELUX GGL 2070 window with noise reducing glazing.

Why? The white paint provides a brighter finish and fits seamlessly into your ceiling. The outer pane has an easy clean coating, keeping your views clearer for longer. It is easy to open, even with furniture underneath it, allowing you to enjoy fresh air at any time. The glazing option will help keep noise out and warmth in, making your bedroom more comfortable all year round.

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