Buying Guide - Roof Windows for Loft Conversions

Whether you just need a room to get away from the kids, a gym, games room or student space, a loft conversion is the way to go and the options are endless. Not only is the loft about a third of your house’s footprint, it is also the most cost effective option to add value to your house. According to the Homeowners Alliance, a loft conversion can add a significant amount of money to the value of a property - in fact, up to 20%.

Using a lot of windows will create that wow factor. Strategically positioning windows will give you panoramic views and transform the unused loft space into a light and airy room.  There is so much choice available to you, from rooflights to dormer windows and skylights, or even a VELUX balcony window. Do you have one, two or three roof windows? Side by side or installed vertically? Which is the right choice for you? Centre pivot is the best value for money whilst the top hung windows will give you the best views and the feeling of more space as they open outwards. Sterlingbuild has over 1000 windows in stock and we are happy to advise you on what option to go with.

 Top tip

The shallower the roof pitch, the longer the window. This will enable you to sit down or stand up and enjoy the view!


Pitched Roof Windows

Choose a Design

Decide Upon an Internal Finish

Choose a Method of Control

Pick the Right Glazing


Flat Rooflights

What Will A Rooflight Do For Your Home Extension?

Flat or Lantern?

Fixed or Opening?

Size or Quantity?



VELUX Balcony Windows

These truly stunning VELUX windows are, as you'd expect, a bit pricier than conventional roof window alternatives, but very much worth every penny!


Escape Roof Windows

All habitable rooms should have a means of escape to a safe location outside. Why not contact us to help you decide on which escape window to go with. 



Our Recommendations

If you have any questions about which roof window would be best for your renovation or self-build project, talk to our team. We've been selling roof windows since 2006 and become experts of the products we sell. We will advise you on the right window for your budget without the heavy sell.


Best for a tight bugdet

Rooflite DVX Window

• Pine internal finish
• Centre pivot
• Background ventilation
• 10 year warranty 




ECO+ White PVC Triple Glazed Roof Window

Best Value for Money

VELUX GPL 2070 Roof Window

• White paint
• Modern look and feel
• Built in background ventilation
• Top hung open
• Laminated glass (safety glass as standard)




Best Investment

VELUX GDL PK19 Roof Window

• White paint
• Instant balcony
• Wow factor
• Add value to your home for under £2000.00 
• Folds up like a roof window