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Polycarbonate Dome Buying Guide

All you need to know about polycarbonate roof domes. Offering diversity in size, shape, operation and energy efficiency, polycarbonate domes are a flexible and cost-effective lighting solution for flat roofs.

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Sun Tunnel Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about sun tunnels, an affordable lighting solution for all types of roofs and rooms. Rigid and flexible models are available from Lighway, VELUX, FAKRO and Sterlingbuild's own range.

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Flat Roof Window Buying Guide

Our helpful buying guide on rooflights for flat roofs relieves you of all the stress of having to answer those tricky questions like what type of flat roof window do I need and what type of glazing do I require?

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Shop by Roof Window Size

Use our handy chart to shop for roof windows by size. Buy VELUX, FAKRO or Roto windows, or discover the massive savings you'll make with VELUX alternatives.

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