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Which Roof Window Finish Do You Need For Your Room?

Did you know roof window manufacturers like VELUX and FAKRO put a lot of thought into the internal finish of their roof windows?

Years of expertise and R&D have gone into creating hardy wood, durable PVC and stylish PU (that's polyurethane, if you're interested) frame finishes. We answer the question: which internal frame finish is best for my loft conversion/kitchen extension?

It's not as simple as pine or white!

Pine Finish Roof Windows

Pine is the standard frame finish available from every brand and for every style of roof window.

VELUX & FAKRO pine framed skylights

Pine roof windows are a classic option and very stylish. VELUX pine frames are protected with triple coat clear lacquer to help preserve the timber and if you’re looking for something a little different, FAKRO roof windows use responsibly sourced Redwood pine with a lovely close grain. The pine is glued in layers and vacuum impregnated to make the window super durable.

This natural wood finish will complement traditional décor, as well as other pine furniture. It's perfect for a cosy loft bedroom or home office.

But don't be too hasty to go with this choice. Take a look at the other options available to you.

White Finish Roof Windows

As you know, roof window frames are available in a white internal finish too. This can either be a budget-friendly white paint, contemporary PVC or stylish polyurethane (PU).

VELUX & FAKRO white framed skylights

White roof windows are perfect to seamlessly tie in with your contemporary space as the frames blend in with white ceilings and walls.

The pocket friendly RoofLITE CORE AAX windows with a white painted wooden frame will fit perfectly in a loft bedroom where you want the window frame to match your pitched roof colour.

White PVC frames will give your home improvements the same benefits casement uPVC windows bring to your lounge. FAKRO PVC windows are easy to maintain, durable and moisture resistant so perfect for en-suite bathrooms and kitchen extensions.

For a stylish, highly durable finish, you will want a PU coated frame. They are perfect for contemporary kitchen extensions and loft bathrooms. The seamless PU coat are moisture resistant, durable and need very little maintenance and so will continue to perform well and look great in rooms with steam.

Conservation Roof Windows

Where do you live? It might be a strange question we're asking you but if you live in a conservation area, it's an important one when choosing your roof window. Conservation roof windows are designed to handsomely complement heritage and listed buildings.

VELUX conservation skylights

These windows are suitable for use in conservation areas (subject to planning consent). The black external profile with a vertical glazing bar brings much desired daylight and thermal efficiency to your home whilst maintaining the historic character of your property. The inner frame is available in a pine or white finish so you can choose the option that will best suit the style of your room.

How do you know if you live in a conservation area? You will need to contact your local planning authority to find out.

The decision process doesn't stop here. Now you have a better idea of which frame material you need, find out which glazing option will best suit your room.