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5 Reasons You Need A VELUX White-Painted Skylight...

Our special offer on VELUX white painted windows will not only save you money, they will be the icing on top of your home improvement product. Here are 5 stonkingly good reasons why you need them in your loft conversion or home extension.


1. They're Better Value for Money

Let's kick this off with the most important reason - these windows are more affordable...for the time being.

We're launching the new line with marked down prices. Come 1st April 2016, the prices will rise to be more in line with the recommended retail price for these fantastic windows.

VELUX white paint windows | Budget friendly


2. They Give Your Room a Brighter Finish

Unlike a pine finish, white windows give a brighter finish because light reflects off the frame and into your room. Unlike a polyurethane finish, white paint windows are a more budget friendly option.

VELUX select only the best pine resources to construct sturdy windows. The pine is painted over to create an attractive finish through which you can see the grain of the wood.

VELUX white paint windows | Natural light


3. They Complement White Décor

You wouldn't pair a 1964 Bordeaux with a Big Mac so don't do it with your furniture!

A white VELUX window will complement your décor, sit seamlessly in your white ceiling and match other white windows and doors.

VELUX white paint windows | Stunning finish


4. You get More Head Space - Even Tall People

If your new or replacement VELUX window is to be installed at eye-level, we highly recommend a top hung model. This ensures you have more room to stand under your window, no sash protruding in your living space to bang your head on and panoramic views.

However, if your VELUX windows will be installed in a pitched home extension or high up, we recommend a centre pivot model.

VELUX white paint windows | Better views


5. Peace of Mind Safety Glazing

Whether you have kids kicking a football around the house or you get highly emotional during a rugby match, you can be sure the shattered glazing of your VELUX window isn't something you need to worry about.

Much like your car's windscreen, the laminated glazing won't shatter into shards when broken. Peace of mind if you have little feet running around your home.

VELUX white paint windows | Safety glazing


Back to the Money

Now is the time to act! Get your VELUX top hung or centre pivot window with a white paint finish whilst we're selling them at low prices*.

Buy your new stylish white VELUX windows with safety glazing for the same price as traditional pine windows with standard glazing. It's basically a free upgrade!

* And whilst our limited stocks last.