Save Time and Hassle With VELUX Bundles

Save time and hassle on your order with the new VELUX Multi Roof Window Bundles.

VELUX Bundles consists of three pitched roof windows, three flashings and three insulation collars, all optimised for key projects. The bundles each have a single code for an easier and faster transaction.

Several different types of multi roof window bundles are available. Certain bundles are more ideally suited to a specific room type than others. All are available for both slate and tiled roofs.

three velux white paint roof windows installed in extension

VELUX Extension Bundle

Use your pitched roof windows in combination with your vertical glazing to bring daylight deeper into your extension.

For manual centre pivot windows, choose between the VELUX White Paint Bundle or VELUX Polyurethane (PU) Bundle.

Both modern, white finishes are well-matched for contemporary interiors and help light bounce further around a room.

The polyurethane finish is particularly suited to humid rooms, such as kitchens thanks to the moisture resistance nature of PU.

For greater convenience, opt for the INTEGRA Electric White Paint or PU Bundle, which is compatible with VELUX ACTIVE.


three velux top hung roof windows installed in loft

VELUX Loft Conversion Bundle

Roof windows are what turn dark, stuffy loft spaces into bright, airy, fully habitable bedrooms, lounges, studies and bathrooms.

To make the most of your new living space, the VELUX Top Hung White Paint and PU Bundles are the number one choices for lofts.

When open, VELUX top hung roof windows exit the room entirely to leave uninterrupted views of the exterior with less restrictions on head height compared to centre pivot units.

VELUX white painted and PU centre pivot bundles are also suitable for loft conversions. Centre pivot roof windows are perhaps best installed higher up in the roof and under furniture.

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