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Why Should You Upgrade To VELUX Recessed Flashings?

VELUX Recessed Flashings - Is the Upgrade Worth the Investment?

Many customers are caught in two minds whether or not to go for the standard VELUX flashing or upgrade to the recessed version. Whilst there is quite a jump in price between standard and recessed, by the end of this blog you'll realise that you'll be getting a 'Whole Lotta Love' from your brand new roof window if you purchase the VELUX recessed flashing kit.

Let's start with the most common questions we're asked:

What's the Difference Between Recessed and Standard Flashing?

recessed flashing kit makes your VELUX roof window sit lower in the roof line compared to a standard flashing kit finish.

What Benefits Will a Recessed Installation add to your Home?

1. A Better Looking Finish

Recessed flashings sit 40mm lower into the roof than standard flashings. From the outside, it appears the roof window and the slates/tiles are in line with no protrusion from your installation. The standard flashing kit sits about 80mm above the batten line, meaning your roof window will jut out.

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2. Lower Certified U-Values

By using the correct VELUX accessories, a recessed installation will have more energy efficient properties than a standard installation. The VELUX EDN slate and VELUX EDJ tile recessed flashing kits come with the VELUX BDX 2000 insulation collar and BFX 1000 underfelt collar. When installed together, they provide a lower certified U-value which saves energy and offers greater design flexibility for architects.

With today's climate, saving energy is a must and this is one of the most important factors when it comes to new builds and extensions.

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3. Easier to Install, Easier Than Ever Before

Thanks to the introduction of the installation markers, the VELUX New Generation roof windows are the easiest to install yet.

Along the side of the VELUX roof window frame are red and blue lines, which indicate the levels at which the roof window can be installed. For a neat, energy efficient installation, simply use the blue line as guidance to install the window 40mm deeper into the roof structure. It's that simple.

Blog - VELUX standard vs recessed flashing - Easy installation

4. Get the Most for Your Money

When you order a VELUX EDN 2000 or EDJ 2000, you receive the recessed flashing, insulation collar and underfelt collar, as well as the peace of mind that you're saving energy and preventing heat loss in your property. Your VELUX roof window will sit at the same height as your slates or tiles, and not look out of place.