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How Do I Identify The VELUX Parts & Spares I Need?

How to Identify the VELUX Parts and Spares You Need

VELUX roof windows are designed and built to last for years, however, things can wear out or break.

We're more than happy to help you identify the replacement parts you need and deliver them to you at the lowest prices, so feel free to contact our expert team today. Below you'll find the most common VELUX spare parts that can easily be changed by homeowners.

Identify the VELUX Spare Part you Need


Internal view

How to find my VELUX spares & parts      

External view

External View of Roof Window


How to Find Your VELUX Window Code

You will need to identify your VELUX window code and size code, which will help us make sure you get the right fit. All VELUX roof windows made after 1968 have a data plate (or type sign) that gives exact information about your model. You'll find it in the right corner of the top sash, behind the ventilation flap.

Cheapest VELUX and free delivery

Make a note of the:

  1. Type - such as GGL
  2. Size - such as MK08
  3. Variant - such as 3070
  4. Production code - such as 49BB12V

Order Your VELUX Spare Part

Now, all you have to do is to email us the part you need with your window information or call us on 01303 258641. 

Useful Information 

Take a look at the rest of our range of VELUX roof window accessories to view our other add-ons, like locks and replacement glass.

Maintenance kit for VELUX roof windows (ZZZ 220)

VELUX ZZZ-220 maintenance kit

 Lubricant for hinges & locks
• Air filter, 3m
• Foam for ventilation flap (will fit 2-3 windows), 3m

The VELUX service kit for pine and polyurethane (PU) frames is a great product for DIY roof window servicing. We recommend you grease fittings and hinges at least once a year for best performance.

Only £23.00
Free delivery over £50



Surface repair kit for VELUX pine windows (ZZZ 176)

 VELUX repair kit for timber skylights (ZZZ 176)

 300ml TOPfinish varnish
• 1 paint brush
• 3 types of sandpaper (grain sizes 80, 120 & 240)

The VELUX surface repair kit is the perfect solution for repairing scratches on pine VELUX frames (not the glass pane). If your roof window needs a simple touch-up, this is the kit for you.

Only £23.00
Free delivery over £50