VELUX INTEGRA Top Hung Windows- The Latest Evolution in Home Automation

Pioneers and worldwide leaders in the roof window industry, VELUX, will this spring launch its latest innovation in home automation with the brand's first ever top hung electric roof window.

By Larry Bohan on 30 Jan 2019

VELUX INTEGRA top hung roof window

The new top hung INTEGRA window follows on from last year’s introduction of the ground-breaking VELUX ACTIVE package, which allows  VELUX INTEGRA users to monitor indoor climate and operate their windows via mobile phone, a game changer for modern loft conversions and home extensions.

Top hung roof windows, which open outwards to leave no head restrictions and provide unbroken views of the outdoors, are the most popular window style for converted lofts, but have only been available in manual operation until now.

Electric VELUX top hung windows can now be opened and closed with the click of a button (or screen) from the comfort of your bed, sofa or desk.

If that wasn't convenient enough, using VELUX ACTIVE's smart, sensor-based technology gives you the option of having your VELUX windows adjust automatically according to the temperature and humidity inside and outside the room to provide regular, healthy airflow.

There is no need to worry about rain coming in either thanks to the built-in rain sensor that comes with the VELUX electric top hung window and every other INTEGRA product as standard.

With lofts increasingly being transformed into work spaces and home gyms, this feature ensures optimal indoor climate at all times even when your preoccupied with work or a workout. Of course, it also guarantees that a loft space is kept healthy when unoccupied.

It is not just lofts that VELUX INTEGRA top hung windows can enhance. Pitched roof extensions can benefit too, especially high ceilinged spaces and around cooking appliances thanks to the window's moisture-resistant polyurethane (PU) frame. More of which later.

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Why Top Hung Roof Windows are the Top Choice for Most

VELUX electric roof windows in loft conversion

Top hung roof windows have become the most desired window opening style for loft conversions thanks to a number of obvious advantages they hold over centre pivot windows.

As mentioned earlier, top hung windows are made with the pivot at the top of the window, meaning all of the sash exits the room when opened. This practical design enables users to stand under the window without having to bend or worry about banging their head when they want to look outside and enjoy the views or fresh air.

Top hung windows are most commonly installed at eye level for this very reason. Having your roof window swing out to leave completely uninterrupted views of the exterior is one of the biggest pleasures of having a converted loft for many.

Additionally, top hung roof windows allow the maximum level of daylight into a room- something more important now than ever before given the currently dire amount of daylight the average person takes in on a daily basis.

Top hung windows also block out rain more effectively than centre pivot windows. However, VELUX INTEGRA top hung windows limits the importance of this benefit, given they come with a built-in rain sensor on the external frame that can automatically trigger the closure of your windows at the first drop of rain.

What Glazing Options are Available?

VELUX INTEGRA PU electric roof window

The new VELUX electric top hung windows come with two types of glazing; Glazing 70 and Glazing 66, which we know at Sterlingbuild as laminated and triple glazed respectively.

While both types of glazing are laminated on the inside and toughened on the outside, the electric triple glazed top hung window has an additional pane in the middle for extra heat insulation.

The triple glazed INTEGRA top hung roof window also has a slightly better U-value and sound reduction qualities as a result of its third pane.

INTEGRA windows with triple glazing come with an easy-to-clean coating that lowers maintenance requirements. When you do need to give your top hung INTEGRA a wipe, the window can rotate in the middle to allow for safe cleaning from the inside.

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Why Polyurethane Windows?

VELUX PU top hung roof window installed in kitchen area

Why not? Not only do polyurethane windows come in a white internal finish that fits in effortlessly with most modern-day interiors, it is also extremely versatile in regards to room uses.

Though white polyurethane windows are made with the same timber core as VELUX traditional timber and white paint models, PU units require less maintenance than lacquered natural pine.

VELUX PU top hung windows are ideal for any room with high levels of humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Where the steam from boiling pans and running taps will slowly take a toll on pine windows over the years, polyurethane windows are far more cut out for humid environments.

This versatility and compatibility is why VELUX INTEGRA top hung windows have been designed in a white polyurethane frame, ticking all the boxes for convenience.

How do I Upgrade to VELUX ACTIVE?

VELUX ACTIVE home automation package

ALL VELUX INTEGRA top hung roof windows come with a wall switch as standard that can be used to operate the electric or solar VELUX windows you have in your loft or extension.

However this operation can be made even easier with the VELUX ACTIVE package, which includes an indoor climate sensor, departure switch and wireless communication gateway.

Once purchased, you can download for free the VELUX ACTIVE app free that allows you to monitor temperature, humidity and C02 levels within your home.

ACTIVE enables you to customise daily routines with pre-defined shortcuts, such as opening and closing all blinds and shutters for bright mornings and a good night’s sleep.