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Why It's Time To Consider Replacement Windows

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When is the right time to replace your residential windows? Are your windows drafty? Do they refuse to stay open? Maybe they have started to discolour? All these are telltale signs that your windows probably need replacing.

Deterioration and inefficiency in house windows can be hard to spot. Some homeowners don't realise the detrimental effect their windows could be having on their home comfort levels, wallet and even health, while others choose to accept these failings due to the belief that replacement windows and double-glazing cost is unaffordable or that removing and fitting new windows is too complicated a process.

Though these worries are perfectly legitimate ones, the many benefits of installing replacements windows should remove such concerns and even prove the opposite, as this blog will show.

Not only can newly fitted, double-glazed uPVC windows improve the indoor climate and overall look of your home, they could also represent a smart financial investment that ends up saving you money.

To help ease any installation fears, the process of removing old windows and fitting replacement windows can be speeded up if you opt for made to measure windows tailor-made to match the size of your existing aperture (or bigger if you prefer), while assurance in your installer and finished job should be straightforward if you comply with building regulations.

If you are in any doubt as to how to measure for replacements windows, visit our Our 'How to Measure for Windows, Doors & Rooflights' blog for clear and simple instruction. 

In this blog we will examine the pros of replacing windows, looking at the benefits, costs, options and building control considerations.    

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Benefits of Replacement Windows

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Energy Efficient Windows

It might surprise you how big a difference replacing an old casement window with a new, double-glazed model can make. Windows with double glazing are designed to create a more consistently comfortable temperature in your home without the need for constant heating. This will likely save you substantial money on energy bills in the long run.

Though you might already have double glazing on your existing casement windows, the thermal qualities of the glass in place might not be as efficient at trapping heat as newer panes. uPVC windows at Sterlingbuild have C-Rated double glazing as standard to guarantee better protection from the weather.

Made to Measure

Many of us have been there. We have moved into a building where the windows are not the right size, open in an odd way, hardly open at all or are impractically transparent from the outside. If your windows currently appear on the way out, you don’t have to settle on like-for-like replacements as this can be the perfect opportunity to get them looking and opening the way you’ve always wanted.

Our made to measure uPVC windows can be purchased in a large variety of styles to any realistic dimensions. Obscure glazing is available on all our models to ensure complete privacy, an ideal feature for bathrooms.

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Low Maintenance Windows

Maybe it’s not the glass that is the problem. Maybe it’s the material. Though pine looks fantastic on the eye, the maintenance levels required on pine and white paint windows is significantly greater than with uPVC windows.

uPVC windows are a lot easier to take care of than their wooden counterparts. With uPVC windows, or vinyl windows as they are also known, maintenance levels are reduced to a simple wipe clean job that causes zero damage to the frame. Unlike windows built from other materials, uPVC windows will nor rust, rot or degrade, keeping your casement windows looking as good as new for many, many years. 

In addition to this, uPVC windows are not damaged in anyway by over-exposure to moisture, making them a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms were condensation from cooking and bathing can be rife.

Eco friendly Windows

Replacing your old window frame with uPVC will also serve the environment as uPVC is 100 % recyclable. This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of your windows now, safe in the knowledge that when they reach the end of their life, they will continue to be put to good use. 

Window Replacement Cost

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Despite all the advantages of replacement uPVC windows, what can still deter a lot of people from moving past the idea of replacing their windows is money. Many feel that the cost of replacing a window is out of reach and not a necessity if their window is still standing and doing its primary job. 

Though an argument can be made to support this belief, it would be totally disregarding the fact that replacement windows do not need to be expensive. In fact, changing your existing window to a double-glazed uPVC window can actually make you money.

Switching from single glazing to double glazing, or upgrading your existing double-glazed windows to more energy efficient ones, will help keep the natural heat from the sun inside the home during winter, reducing the need for you to put the heating up and therefore saving you on energy bills.

If you ever decide to sell your house, having double-glazed uPVC windows is a sure-fire way to increase your property’s value, which, when coupled with the money you would have saved on gas bills, should mean you recoup your initial window replacement output and likely make a profit.

How much you spend on replacing the window will obviously depend on a few things, the most obvious being size. The bigger the window, the more it will cost. Labour costs are another outgoing to consider if applicable.

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Can I Install my own Windows?

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If your confident in your own ability, then yes you can. There is no legal block on you installing your own windows or getting a more experienced family member or friend of the family to do the job. Naturally, going down this route will save you money compared to paying out for a registered FENSA or Certass installer. 

However, be wary that removing old windows and fitting replacements is a skilled craft that, if done wrong, could jeopardize the structure of your wall and/or void any manufacturer warrantee.

When you replace your windows, they are required to be up to spec and meet the latest Building Regulations. If installing DIY uPVC windows and not a member of FENSA or Certass, you will be required to contact your local Building Control body upon completion for them to inspect and certify the installed window for a small fee.

Hiring a FENSA or Certass installer will not require a visit by Building Control, as these installers can self-certify their own work. If you do need to hire a professional, make sure you get at least three or four quotes beforehand to ensure you get the best price.

All Sterlingbuld, all our uPVC windows are Building Regulations-compliant. So, as long as your uPVC windows have been installed right, you should have nothing to worry about.

If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, additional regulations are likely to apply - so check with your local planning department before you carry out any work.

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