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Upgrade To VELUX Safety Glazing From Just £12

Upgrade to VELUX laminated glazing

In February 2015, VELUX increased the prices on all its products - except roof windows with laminated glazing, which actually decreased.

VELUX safety glazing (or the --70 pane, as it's known in the trade) is a double glazed option that has a laminated inner pane and a toughened outer pane. The standard toughened glazing window (or --50 pane), which is popular for its budget friendly price, is double glazed with a toughened outer pane. Now there's only £12* difference between the two models.

We look at why investing the price of a takeaway in the safety pane over the standard is a no-brainer.

1. Added Safety, Better Peace Of Mind

The key word here that brilliantly sells the --70 pane roof window is safety. 

The laminated inner pane makes the glazing option ideal for installations that are above head height, such as home extensions and higher loft ceilings. If an object hit the glass with enough force to crack it, the glazing will hold in place – much like a car windscreen – giving you time to call the right people and get it replaced. This is added peace of mind if you have young children.

The standard pane has a toughened outer pane only and is most commonly used for eye-level installations simply for the reason that no laminate is added to the inner pane and will shatter.

2. Improved Sound Insulation, Better Night's Sleep

Another specification that sets the safety glazing apart from the standard is its sound insulation properties.

Whether you live in a town centre, by a busy road or don't like the sound of owls in your rural retreat, you'll appreciate the sound proofing a VELUX safety pane will provide. Particularly if you're installing the roof window in a loft bedroom.

2 delivery on all VELUX --70 pane skylights

3. Better Value For Money, More Satisfaction

As my colleague said: "It doesn’t matter why! What’s important is that VELUX have lowered the cost of a very good, high-spec roof window which means an upgrade starts at just £12".

So yes, for the price of a home delivered pizza, you're getting a better quality roof window for your money.

4. Faster Delivery, Less Time Wasted

We can deliver your VELUX roof windows with safety glazing to you in just two working days. We won't keep you hanging around!

VELUX has long been the pioneer for new ideas and innovations of the roof windows industry, and we're proud to say we sell more VELUX products than any other independent online retailer. Browse the complete VELUX range and compare the models for yourself.

* £12 is the difference between the VELUX GGL CK02 3050 and VELUX GGL CK02 3070 roof windows on Sterlingbuild at the time of writing.