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The Specialists- Roof Windows With A Purpose

FAKRO passive house windows

Among our collection of 1,000 plus roof windows and rooflights, there are a special category of windows that have been designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. 

As is standard with all pitched and flat roof windows, this band of specialist windows fill homes and commercial buildings with natural sunlight, but, more than this, they have been made with unique features that make them ideal solutions for certain projects.

In this article we will look at four types of roof windows that are standard bearers in safety, ventilation, innovation and more.

Smoke Ventilation Windows

VELUX smoke vent windows

Smoke ventilation windows are one of the most practical and clever roof windows available. With over 30,000 fires breaking out in UK homes last year and almost 16,000 in other buildings, the installation of smoke ventilation windows can help reduce the destruction caused by fires and even save lives.

The smoke ventilation window draws smoke up and out of burning buildings, keeping fire escape and fire brigade access routes clear. This pragmatic quality helps make the incredibly tough job of firefighters a little bit easier and safer.

Though often found in industrial buildings and offices, the polyurethane frame of VELUX ventilation windows makes them great for kitchen ventilation and for toilets and bathrooms too. VELUX’s smoke and heat exhaust ventilator system meets European standards for both geometric smoke ventilation and aerodynamic smoke ventilation.

VELUX smoke vent systems come in a centre-pivot opening style and electric operation. This is also the case with FAKRO’s range of smoke ventilation windows. FAKRO’s smoke vent windows come as part of a ventilation kit that contains a smoke sensor, control unit and break glass alarm, along with the window, flashing and chain actuator. 

FAKRO’s centre pivot roof windows are available for interlocking tiles, while for slate and plain tile roofs, FAKRO has a ventilation system in white PU and pine internal finishes. FAKRO ventilation windows are electronically operated and activated via the built-in smoke sensor which automatically opens the window when it detects smoke.

For flat roof structures, Sterlingbuild has its own brand of fully certified, double and triple skin smoke vents for sale.

Conservation Windows

Heritage conservation windows

If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, there can be certain limits attached to what roof windows you are allowed to fit to you roof. Although this if often on the discretion of the conservation officers in charge of the UK’s 8,000 plus conservation areas, there are enough high-quality, modern conservation windows available on today’s market to meet all requirements. 

Conservation windows are available from VELUX, FAKRO, Heritage and RoofLITE, with the same amount of operational choices available to you as you get with regular roof windows. You can pick from a fixed, manual or electric conservation window, pine or white internal finish and seven different openings methods. 

One of the opening methods available is the side hung style, perfect as a means of escape window or for if you need to gain access to the roof.

For more inspiration on conservation and heritage windows, check out our ‘Contemporary Conservationism’ blog.

Balcony Windows

FAKRO Galeria balcony window

What is the only thing better than a VELUX or FAKRO roof window? A roof window that can transform into a balcony in a matter of seconds, that’s what. 
This revolutionary piece of manufacturing is a cost-effective solution to adding a roof balcony to your home.

Though they obviously cannot offer everything a traditional balcony can, VELUX CABRIO and FAKRO Galeria balcony windows allow you to stand in the sun and enjoy even clearer views of the great outdoors while soaking up some Vitamin D.

Thanks to the large surface area of the window pane attached to these balcony windows, you will be able to fill your loft space with more natural light than you could with a standard pitched roof window, creating an airy and bright vibe in your bedroom or lounge area.

If you are currently thinking about a loft conversion and are considering a Dormer conversion, why not save yourself thousands of pounds by opting for a VELUX CABRIO or FAKRO balcony window if your roof allows it.

All of our VELUX balcony windows at Sterlingbuild come in triple glazing as standard with a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane. All 12 come in a white painted frame.

With FAKRO, you have the choice of a white internal finish or pine, enabling you to match the look of your loft space however you like. Every one of our roof balcony windows come with flashings as part of the package.

Passivehaus Windows

FAKRO passive house windows energy efficient building

Passive house standards require homes and buildings to use a very small amount of energy for the purposes of heating and cooling. You will regularly hear and see a lot of people refer to this standard as passivhause. This is because the concept originated in Germany.

Naturally, roof windows and rooflights are good friends to passive house projects thanks to them being an eco-friendly way of lighting up and insulating homes without the need for excess heating and artificial light.

While most energy conserving windows come with double glazing, windows with a third pane of glass will save even energy. The best options, however, for sustainable building applications has to be quadruple-glazed and quintuple-glazed windows.

FAKRO offers extremely energy efficient windows with quadrupling glazing in a variety of different sizes and finishes. If your renovation project falls under strict conservation area restrictions, FAKRO has a wide array of pine and white paint passive house conversation windows.

The U-values on our eco windows go as low as 0.51 W/m²K, the lowest in the UK. These impressive insulation levels can be seen on all VELUX INTEGRA quintuple-glazed passive house windows, which are solar powered and operable via a remote control.