ECO+ Rooflights & Roof Windows

The ECO+ brand is a diverse collection of flat and pitched roof windows for domestic and commercial applications.

Built with low maintenance and energy efficiency at the heart of design, ECO+ windows are ideal for the busy, energy conscious homes and offices of today.

Sterlingbuild is the sole UK supplier of ECO+ with a variety of different rooflights available for free next day delivery to satisfy all daylighting needs.

For trade rates, email or call our dedicated trade line on 01303 883 802.

Easy To Fit Fixed & Electric Rooflights

Suitable for introducing natural daylight through any sized flat roof, ECO+ rooflights come in either a fixed, non-opening design or a hinged, electric style that is operable via remote control.

ECO+ fixed flat roof windows and ECO+ electric rooflights can provide healthy doses of both sunlight and fresh air on demand.

Both fixed and electric ECO+ rooflights come with an easy-to-fit 150mm PVC upstand that saves users time and money on building and sourcing their own external kerb.

Sterlingbuild has a dedicated sales support team on hand five days a week should you want to discuss any ECO+ product.

Tripled Glazed Roof Windows As Standard

Available in either a centre pivot or top hung opening style, ECO+ pitched roof windows are ideal for loft conversions and suitable for any roof with a pitch of at least 15°.

ECO+ roof windows come with triple glazing as standard to help trap heat inside rooms during winter and mute noise from outside. All windows have been treated with low-E coating to prevent overheating during hotter months.

The glazing on every ECO+ roof window is guaranteed for 20 years, along with a lifetime warranty against hail damage.

ECO+ PVC roof windows are low maintenance windows that are resistant to moisture build-up, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Next Generation Rooflights Today

ECO+ is a pioneer of innovative rooflights which contain clever and convenient features unique to the roof window industry.

Both the ECO+ multi LED rooflight and EDGE spherical are the first rooflights of their kind. The ECO+ multi LED is a fixed rooflight that can change colours at the push of a button to create different moods and settings. Seven different colour settings are available, including blue, red, green and purple.

The ECO+ EDGE is the world’s first flat roof window with triple glazed spherical glass. This smart design means more light is transmitted through the glass and rainwater runs off the window more easily.

To control the glare from the sun and do away with any need for blinds, the ECO+ switch glass window allows users to change transparency with the use of a remote control, enabling them to switch from transparent to opaque glazing in seconds.


Optimal Energy Efficiency

ECO+ can match and surpass many leading brands when it comes to thermal performance, evidenced by impressively low U-values across the entire range.

With the exception of the ECO+ electric rooflight (1.3), all ECO+ flat roof windows come with a U-value of 1.1 W/m²K.

The lowest U-values can be found on ECO+ triple glazed pitched roof windows. All of these windows come with a U-value of 0.9 W/m²K, making them suitable for even the most energy conscious homeowners.

As well as guaranteeing warmer, more liveable indoor climates during autumn and winter, the thermal reliability of ECO+ windows will result in substantial energy savings for users as the constant need for heating is drastically reduced.

Accessories are available from ECO+ to improve energy efficiency further. These include insulation collars for eliminating thermal bridges, and blinds for trapping even more warmth inside.