Tell Me More About...The Lightway F400 Sun Tunnel

Lightway F400 sun tunnel installed into a wall   

Lightway F400 - What is it and What can be Done With it?

Lightway is the UK’s best performing sun tunnel manufacturer and the only one to make a side wall tunnel in the country. The Lightway F400 brings you an original product as a solution to all of your dimly-lit problems which are unarguably unique – as a matter of fact; it is the only one of its kind!

Down to the Nitty Gritty Stuff - What Exactly is the F400?

The Lightway F400 is a sun tunnel that is designed to sit flush against your wall and is seen as an ideal way of getting natural light into areas of the home where previously it had been impossible - with 25 years guarantee and multiple 5 star reviews, you can’t go wrong!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, is there really any difference between a sun tunnel that sits on the side of your wall and one that is perched on the roof? YES, there are copious differences! The F400 is designed to bring daylight into rooms that don’t see much sunlight, such as basements or poorly lit ground floor rooms that rely on electricity for light.

Lightway F400 sun tunnel

Did you know that the F400 collects 3 times more light than a standard sun tunnel - even on the cloudiest of days? This means it is more cost effective for you in the long run as you will be saving on your electricity bills during the day (as you would be using natural lighting). Therefore, you wouldn't have to splash out on the installation of uPVC windows, which can be very costly. Also, Lightway offer an installation service from an authorised Lightway installer from as little as £200!

pitched roof window gives approximately 40% more light than a standard window alone and the same rule applies for the F400 sun tunnel which sits 45-degrees off of the wall.

The F400 is made up of super reflective sterling silver and has a light collector on the outside. It is able to gather rays from the sun through a horizontal tube and a diffuser into any indoor space. The tube type is rigid - meaning that the F400 is able to deliver a direct shaft of light whereas a flexible tube on a pitched roof sun tunnel eliminates just under a third of natural light.

Is There Anything Else you Need to know?

Just a couple of things! The F400, amidst all its glory, needs to be cleaned every now and then. But thanks to its 45-degree angle, it is super easy to access and give a quick wipe over - which really isn’t much bother!

Unfortunately, the F400 is not able to be mounted on a pitched roof due to it having to be flush against the wall for optimum sun coverage, but don’t worry if you’re looking for a sun tunnel that is perfect for a pitched roof, we have a selection of products that are ideal for you;

View our range of pitched roof sun tunnels.

At Sterlingbuild, we Offer Four Different Sizes...

So, make sure to grab one of our best-selling F400’s from Lightway.

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About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.