Signature Rooflights – Everything you Need to Know

Signature Flat Glass Rooflights are Sterlingbuild’s own range of fully compliant flat roof window and glazing systems for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Manufactured in the UK, the Signature range is made up of quality performance fixed, ventilation, access, walk-on and sliding rooflights. 

All units can be ordered to standard sizes or made to measure. Here are 20 reasons to consider using Signature rooflights if you haven’t done so already.

signature walk-on rooflights
•  15-year warranty
•  Next day delivery on fixed flat glass units
•  Market leading delivery times on bespoke 
•  Available with wall abutment detail
•  Specialists in non-fragile rooflights (CWCT Class 1&2)
•  Sleek and contemporary frameless internal design
•  Manufactured entirely in the UK
•  Bespoke rooflights in almost any shape and size
•  Total rooflight U-values as low as 0.6 W/m²K
•  Low-E, heat soaked tested toughened inner pane (non walk-on)


•  Walk-on glass specifications available
•  Fully compliant to UK Building Regulations
•  Fully weathertight and watertight (CWCT R7)
•  Specialist RAL Colour options
•  Fully thermally-broken frame design
•  Quick and easy installation
•  Option of Secured by Design certification
•  Supplied in either double or triple glazing
•  UV resistant silicone bonded
•  All rooflights can be supplied with Ritec easy cleaning

signature rooflight wall abutment detail

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