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Signature Bespoke Rooflights

Let your architectural imagination run wild with Signature bespoke rooflights, where customisation possibilities are practically endless.

Should you require an unusually specific sized or shaped rooflight, tint for extra privacy or self-cleaning glass to reduce maintenance to a minimum, Signature provides simple solutions to all.

For showstopping interior glazing designs, rooflights can be uniquely tailored to give your home the wow factor as well as perfect daylight distribution. Multi-pane rooflights with an infinite number of panes and opening sections is just one example of how this is possible.




Enhance Your Rooflight

All rooflights featured in the Signature standard collection can be personalised to suit the individual needs of a property. Send us your dimensions, glazing and operation preferences to ensure your rooflight looks and performs as well as it can.

All Signature rooflights come with marine grade polyester powder coating in slate grey (RAL 7015) externally and matt white (RAL 9010) internally, but you can change this to any RAL colour for a more exclusive look.

LED lighting is available on all Signature rooflights in a host of colours to give your window the capability to create different ambiences and moods at the flick of a switch.

All manner of rooflight shapes are creatable, from circular floorlights to hexagonal and quadrilateral flat glass rooflights. Electric sliding rooflights and sliding over fixed combinations are other popular designs.

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Choose Your Glazing 

Pick from toughened safety glass that is 200 times stronger than standard glass or laminated glass that will hold in place should it somehow be shattered.

Toughened and laminated glass can be used in any interior-exterior combination on your Signature rooflight.

For stronger thermal performance and added sound insulation, triple glazing is available.

Additionally, choose from a variety of special glazing features for your rooflight. Options include solar control coating, low maintenance glass for easier cleaning and self-cleaning glass for minimal upkeep.

Glazing customisations also include etched or obscured glass for added privacy. Annealed, anti-reflective, enamelled, opaque, patterned, polished and sand blasted are just some of the other upgrades possible, sometimes in combination.

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Awe-Inspiring Designs

For a bespoke interior roof display that will make jaws drop, consider the possibilities available with Signature multi-panel rooflights.

Designed to meet any particular building needs, these contemporary rooflights can be made with an infinite number of glass panes and opening sections for extra ventilation.

Accommodating all unique and awkward angles, multi-panes can be supplied with glazing bars, clear glass beams or low-profile rafters for support. Unsupported multi-pane rooflights are also possible.

Available in either fixed or electric operation, Signature roof lanterns are an architectural daylighting feature that can make any room feel bigger and grander.

Structural Glazing

For alternative commercial and residential glazing features, the Signature bespoke collection also extends into specialist and vertical structural glazing.

Balustrades, canopies and stairs are just some of the structures that can be constructed from Signature glazing. Special LED lighting is available on these products to allow users to create their own moods and atmospheres.

All Signature rooflights and structural glazing is made using ISO 14001 Environment Management certified companies in order to keep down the carbon footprint of all products.

An instalment service is available on all glazing and rooflights.