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Roto i8 Electric Top Hung Roof Windows

The Roto i8 pitched roof window combines the most popular window opening design for lofts with the most desired and convenient operation method of all.

Providing panoramic views and a number of ways to control your window, including with Amazon Alexa voice control, the Roto i8 is one of the only roof windows of its kind on the market.

roto i8 electric top hung roof window

amazon echo and becker centralcontrol system

roto remote control

"Alexa, Open my Window"

To open the Roto i8 roof window simply press one of the integrated switches within the frame, or use a Roto remote control.

Roto remote control units can be used to control up to 10 Roto electric windows and blinds.

Or, you don't actually have to lift a finger at all.

Roto i8 electric roof windows are compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control via the Becker CentralControl system

Becker also let users control the Roto i8 with a touch screen control panel or a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Set routines are available, including modes for waking up, energy saving and going on holiday.

Here's What Else You Get

• Free pre-paired insulation collar limits heat loss and protects the room interior against moisture.

• Low maintenance PVC finish for modern interiors.

• Maximum headroom when window is open.

• Suitable for means of escape requirements.

• 15-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

couple looking out of roto electric top hung windows

exterior shot of roto electric roof window

Working Out Your Roof Pitch

When purchasing the Roto i8 electric roof window, you must provide us with the exact pitch of your roof.

Working out your roof pitch is easier now than ever before with a number of apps available.

Give us a call on 01303 258641 to let us know your pitch or get in touch via our web chat.