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Realise The Potential Of Composite Front Doors

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How do you measure the quality of a front door? Generally speaking, front doors are judged on a handful of important factors: strength, durability, insulation, maintenance and appearance.  

The first four of these elements are usually dependent on the material of the door itself. uPVC doors are well regarded for their minimal maintenance and modern appearance but less so for their strength and insulation when compared to hardwood doors. 

Wooden doors on the other hand are known for being right at the top when it comes to thermal performance and strength, but are let down by a regular need for varnishing, painting and weather sealing.

Composite front doors offer the perfect compromise and are unsurprisingly being seen more and more across the country on all types of different properties.

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What Are Composite Doors?


Composite front doors offer the best of both worlds by taking the best aspects of several different materials, wood and uPVC included, and mitigating their drawbacks to create a door with no obvious flaws.

Modern composite doors combine a wooden frame, uPVC threshold and weather resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Fibre) skin to create a front door that nobody could accuse of being delicate, draughty or high maintenance. 

The beauty of composite doors is that they can absorb all of the advantages of timber doors and enhance them, while still providing an end product that retains that eternally popular woodgrain textured finish.

Looks, however, mean nothing if your front door does not protect you from the weather or break-ins. Fortunately, composite doors can offer high level protection here too, containing high class thermal performance and state-of-the-art security to keep any property safe and secure.

The Virtuoso doors we have at Sterlingbuild have enhanced security features to keep intruders at bay. These front doors have been so stringently tested that they have been certified Secure by Design, the UK’s police flagship break-on prevention initiative.

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Thanks to its weathertight GRP outer skin, composite doors are extremely efficient at keeping heat trapped within the home during winter to make everyday living a lot more comfortable.

In addition to this, composite doors offer more variety than uPVC or wood when it comes to door styles and design.

How the front of our houses look from the outside matters a lot to us, not only when it comes to the opinions of family and friends, but passers-by too. It’s important to have a front door that you yourself can be proud of and feel represents the rest of the house well.

The plethora of colours, glazing and style possibilities with composite front doors makes achieving this a lot easier.

At Sterlingbuild, we stock only the best composite doors from market leader Virtuoso. Choose from our standard Virtuoso doors collection or design your own composite doors using the online Virtuoso configurator.

Create Your Very Own Composite Front door

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The online Virtuoso door configurator allows you to handpick your composite door’s design, glazing, hardware, colour, handles and more so you know exactly what you’re getting.

There are hundreds of combinations available for all types of properties, be it a traditional town house, ultra contemporary home or vintage cottage.

Our configurator is easy to use and lets you experiment until you have the exact door you desire. Before you try out the Virtuoso doors configurator, remember to first browse our standard range of composite doors. 

Black composite doors, green composite doors, white composite doors and red composite doors are all included in our Virtuoso collection. Your perfect front door could already be made and ready to be with you in 5-7 days.  

We also have in-house door specialists available to speak to should you wish to discuss any of our composite doors or want to place an order over the phone.

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Composite Door Prices

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It should come as no surprise that composite doors cost more than uPVC and painted wooden doors given they combine the best of both in one product.

Composite doors are worth every penny, especially when you consider how much their thermal performance will help you save on heating bills.

Making sure your entranceway is as sturdy and durable as can be is essential for preventing break-ins and for your own everyday peace of mind, something you cannot really put a price on. 

It is also worth bearing in mind that, on average, composite doors significantly outperform their competitors with a lifespan of 30-35 years.

At Sterlingbuild we offer free delivery on all of our doors with finance available on orders of over £500 to spread the cost.