Pitched Roof Rear Extension- Newcastle

House Type: Detached 4-bedroom

Time Taken: 12 weeks

Approx Cost: £50,000

Approx Value Added: £62,000

Built by: On Point Joinery - http://www.onpointbuilding.co.uk

Daylight: Aluminium Bifold Doors, VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Windows

What Was Done?

The area at the back of the house used to be home to a traditional style conservatory that led out into a garden that was unnecessarily big in relation to how it was being used.

The conservatory was demolished and replaced with a pitched roof kitchen/lounge extension using some of that extra green space that was previously being wasted.

Three VELUX manual roof windows were installed into the roof, with aluminium bifold doors chosen as the transition piece to a new patio that matches handsomely with the dark grey external cladding and roof.

How has the Extension Enhanced the Home?

The home has gained a large, open plan space that is modern and practical. Connecting kitchen with living room, occupants now have a spacious area that everybody can share while still doing their own thing.

The downstairs area is now far naturally lighter and airier than the old conservatory thanks to the three VELUX windows spreading light deeper into the room to complement the light and fresh air coming in via the bifold doors. Browse aluminium bifold doors

Choosing a pitched roof over a flat roof extension enables the ceiling to be higher to help create a feeling of even more space, while the slope of the roof blends in effortlessly with the existing building.

What Daylight was Added?

A pair of stylish 5-pane aluminium bifolding doors span across the middle of the room, providing a huge upgrade on thermal performance compared to the old 'too hot, too cold' conservatory glazing.

Directly above the doors, a trio of roof windows from market leader VELUX help the natural light penetrate deeper into the living space.

We run a lot of loft conversions and extensions throughout the north east and use a large range of windows all supplied by sterlingbuild at a great cost compared to other competitors.

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