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Part One- A-Z Of Roof Windows

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The roof window industry is thriving. With so many people being priced out of moving home, many are opting to improve their current lot with a home extension or conversion. 

Pitched roof windows and flat rooflights are playing an essential role in this growth in popularity thanks to their ability to transform areas of the home into bright, fresh and healthy living spaces. 

Here is Part 1 of the Sterlingbuild A-Z of Roof Windows to give you a more complete picture of the wider roof window industry.

A is for...Aesthetics

velux pine roof windows

The aesthetic appeal of a window correlates directly with the existing interior décor of the room it's in. Stylish white internal finishes are ideally suited for rooms with ceilings of the same colour, while traditional pine finishes can provide a classic look to bedrooms and office spaces.

As well as offering shade and protection from the glare from the sun, choosing the right colour blinds can add a splash of colour to the room and help bring your roof windows to life.

Do not undervalue the outside appearance of your window either, as the external finish is what you’ll see from street level and what passers by will see exclusively. 

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B is for...Budget (Don't Blow It)

Whether you are converting your old loft or building a new ground floor extension onto your property, you’ll always find a roof window that falls within your budget. The price of a roof window depends on a number of different factors, namely size, glazing, material and operation.

If working to a tighter budget, you can find a number of pitched and flat roof windows that will allow you to open up your roof and fill the area below with natural light just as efficiently as more expensive models. Windows from ECO+ and RoofLITE are prime examples of this.

For more on how to keep within budget and still get the high quality window you crave, see our blog 'Bring Down the Cost of Your Home Extension'. If you have extra money to spend on your windows, discover the benefits of going electric by reading our blog 'Make Your Home Extension Electric'.

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C is for...Centre Pivot

centre pivot roof windows

The most popular opening method as far as roof windows go. Centre pivot windows, as the name suggests, have the sash pivoting in the middle of the frame when open, with half of it staying in the room and the other half exiting it.

The eternal popularity of this style is owed to its practicality and ability to provide a room with more than enough daylight and ventilation, wherever installed in the roof. Centre pivot windows are less expensive than like-for-like top hung windows, another draw for many homeowners.

All leading manufacturers produce their roof windows in centre pivot, including VELUX, RoofLITE, ECO+ and FAKRO.

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D is for...Daylight

Natural daylight can transform the look and feel of any room and is the main motivation for many homemakers when adding rooflights to their property.  

Filling your home with natural light can improve the health of all those living inside it, while using the sustainable source that is the sun to brighten your home will also reduce the need for artificial lighting. This will almost certainly lead to huge savings on utility bills in the long term.

Rooflights and roof windows can let in up to twice as much light than a conventional vertical window and up to three times as much light as a dormer window because the glazing is pointing directly at the light source with very little diffused or reflected light.

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E is for...ECO+

eco+ flat glass rooflight

Named so because of the eco-friendly nature of its windows, all ECO+ flat and pitched roof windows carry outstanding U-values that confirm the impressive thermal efficiency of the British brand’s products.

ECO+ are known for their favourable prices compared to better known brands, as well as their innovation, best showcased in their multi LED rooflight and Spherical EDGE.

ECO+ is changing the basic expectations of what all regular pitched roof windows should be, by offering triple glazing as standard on all its pitched roof windows, at no noticeable price increase.

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F is for...Flashings

A window is nothing without its flashing. Flashings are an integral part of a roof window installation and require a separate purchase on most occasions. 

Installing a roof window without a flashing or fitting the flashing incorrectly can lead to water leaking through the roof materials and decking, in turn resulting in damp forming inside the home.

Flashings are made in a variety of materials to suit different types of roof coverings, such as slate, plain tiles and interlocking. Most brands tend to produce their flashings to be compatible only with their own windows.

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G is for...GGL & GGU

VELUX GGU and GGL roof windows

A pair of market leader VELUX’s most popular pitched roof windows and Sterlingbuild’s bestselling centre pivot windows.

The GGU is a white polyurethane window that requires zero maintenance and is moisture resistant, making it perfect for high humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

The white painted GGL is the cheaper option of the two, but carries identical U-values and sound reduction. GGL and GGU roof windows are available in manual, electric and solar power operation.

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H is for...Home Extensions

Home extensions are what drive a lot of homeowners to making the decision to invest in a roof window or rooflight. As well as adding more space to a property, home extensions are the best way to bring more light and fresher air into the home through opening up the roof.

Whether if's for a pitched roof extension/conversion or a flat roof extension, between roof windows and rooflights there is a window out there to meet everybody’s home improvement needs and desires.

Incorporating a rooflight or combination of roof windows into your conversion or extension is a great way of recouping some of the costs of building thanks to the money that can be saved on utility bills. Adding lighting into your roof will also add to your value to your property should you ever decide to sell up down the line.

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I is for...Installation

Installing a roof window is by no means an easy job. Installing a new window can involve creating an aperture in the roof, removing tiles and cutting underfelt and roof battens. Unless you are a highly competent DIYer with experience of fitting roof windows, it’s probably a job best left to the professionals or a trusted tradesman.

Remember, shoddy installation can potentially void any guarantee you have on your roof windows or rooflights as it’s not the responsibility of the manufacturer to see your window is installed correctly.

All our roof windows come with installation guides with step-by-step instructions, while many brands have handy videos online for more visual guidance.

Fitting a VELUX Window Sun Tunnel Installation

J is for...Juliet Balcony

Not many people will know that there are roof windows out there that can transform into a Juliet style balcony in a matter of seconds. But that is exactly what the VELUX CABRIO and FAKRO Galeria windows can do. 

These ‘window balconies’ can fill lofts with even more natural light when closed thanks to the larger panes of glass they provide. Then, when open, the windows enable you to enjoy stunning views of the great outdoors with no annoying frame to bump your head against, all while in the feeling of standing on your very own balcony.

Do VELUX CABRIO Balcony Windows Need Planning Permission?

K is for...Korniche Lanterns

Roof Lanterns are perhaps the most visually impressive rooflights in existence and a lighting solution that is regularly featured as part of the ideal home extension on TV and in magazines.

Leading the growth in popularity of roof lanterns in the UK is British brand Korniche, a producer of slimline aluminium glass lanterns that are easy on the eye and even easier to install for those who know what they're doing.

Manufactured with ventilation and healthy living in mind, along with providing clear views of the sky above, Korniche roof lanterns come in a large variety of standard sizes or can be ordered made to measure for more particular needs.

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L is for...Lightway

Ok, so while not strictly roof windows, sun tunnels from Lightway are a perfect alternative for rooms where the installation of a roof window is just not possible.

Made in the Czech Republic using the finest Bohemian Crystal on the exterior dome, Lightway sun tunnels come in a number of different sizes that make them perfect for windowless areas of a specific size.

As well as designing sun tubes suitable for either pitched roofs or flat roofs, Lightway are the world’s first producer of a through wall tunnel that can bring much needed light to hard-to-brighten, dark spaces, such as basements and cellars.

Sun Tunnel Buying Guide

M is for...Made to Measure

made to measure rooflights

Though most brands manufacture their flat roof windows in a multitude of sizes, there is always the possibility that the exact dimensions you need for your new or existing roof are not among the standard sizes. 

Ordering your rooflights made to measure enables you to choose any height and width, and customise your rooflight in a number of other ways, from changing colour and glazing, to selecting operation method and glass tint.

Bespoke rooflights are simple to order, though will naturally take longer to arrive at your door. Visit our made to measure page to find out more.

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