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Our Best-Selling Roof Domes

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Our 5 Best-Selling Roof Domes

roof dome brings a mass of natural light into your home through your flat roof and is a budget friendly option.

With an impact strength of up to 250 times greater than glass, all polycarbonate roof domes are near-unbreakable. These domes are thermoformed from UV protected, co-extruded polycarbonate sheets and each have a glazing thickness of at least 3mm.

The number of skins you require will largely depend on where you’ll be installing your roof dome and what level of insulation you need;

  • Single skin - Recommended to ONLY be used in uninhabited areas such as a garage and storage spaces (U-value: 5.36W/m2K)
  • Double skin - Recommended to be used when replacing a dome, i.e. like-for-like replacement (U-value: 2.68W/m2K)
  • Triple skin - Must be used on new builds to comply with building regulations (Part L Thermal Performance) (U-value: 1.78W/m2K)
  • Quadruple skin - Recommended for best thermal performance (U-value: 1.24W/m2K)

1) Dome Only Single Skin 60x60cm

Sterlingbuild’s dome only single skin 60x60cm has a high U-value of 5.36 W/m2K, so should only be installed in an area that is uninhabited. This dome floods daylight into rooms where it has previously not been possible, making it ideal for spaces like garages and stables.  

Our single skin dome is made from strong polycarbonate and is delivered with high-security screw bolts and fixings as standard. To ensure your flat roof dome is as secure as possible, once installed, the fixings cannot be removed using common tools; the screw bolt provides a high level of resistance to tampering or forced entry.

As well as being highly-secure and perfect for inhabitable spaces, these domes are completely maintenance free! They have a 10-year guarantee against the effects of defective design, materials or construction.

These domes are perfect for replacing old domes or old glass rooflights!

Please note: you will be required to build a 15cm upstand for this roof dome at the size 60x60cm.

2) Rectangular Dome Only Triple Skin 50x80cm

If you are looking for a roof dome that you can install in habitable spaces, look no further than our rectangular dome only triple skin 50x80cm! This dome complies with UK building regulations, making it ideal for both new and old-build properties. To ensure thermal efficiency, this roof dome has a low U-value of 1.78W/m2K.

Please note: in purchasing this dome only, you will be required to build you own upstand that is 50x80cm.

3) Opening Domed Window Double Skin with 15cm ECO Vertical Kerb 60x60cm

With an exceptional U-value of 0.82 W/m2K, the double skinned opening dome window is by far the most energy efficient dome on our best-seller list. To increase airflow in your home, add the controllable vent to your order by choosing the 300mm high upstand with controllable rotating vents.

Unlike our previously mentioned best sellers, this dome does come with an ECO upstand, which is both thermally efficient and environmentally friendly. The upstand also features a strong nine-walled cellular structure and also has a groove built into it to allow a smooth plasterboard finish.

4) Access Dome Double Skin with 15cm ECO Vertical Kerb 60x60cm

The access dome double skin 60x60cm features an ECO upstand, and also allows easy access to your flat roof via a hydraulic hatch, whilst meeting all building and escape regulations.

This particular model features a double skin and a U-value of 2.68 W/m²K. If you are looking for increased thermal efficiency, we also offer a triple skinned dome with a lower U-value of 1.78 W/m2K. For added privacy and security, choose an opaque pane – daylight will still be able to flood your room, but people will be unable to see through the dome into the room below.

5) Circular Dome Only Single Skin 80cm

Our final best-selling roof dome is none-other than the circular dome only single skin 80cm! This dome offers something different thanks to its non-traditional shape and it comes with a 10-year guarantee against effects of defective design, materials and construction (terms and conditions apply).

Due to its high U-value (5.36 W/m2K), this dome is not suitable for rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. It is, however, perfect for uninhabitable rooms such as hallways, garages and storage spaces. Also, the circular dome only single skin can come with an opaque glass for added privacy.

Please note: you will be required to build an 80cm circular upstand for this dome.


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About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content and blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.