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Our Best-Selling Flat Glass Rooflights

Flat Glass Rooflights

Our Best-Selling Flat Glass Rooflights

flat glass rooflight is a window that sits on the roof, allowing natural day light into areas of your home where it previously had been impossible. Regardless of the sun’s position, with a flat glass rooflight, light is transmitted throughout the day. These windows are especially ideal for flat roof single-storey extensions where the daylight source has been moved and your existing room has now become a cave! A flat glass rooflight is a gorgeous feature that gives you an astonishing, scenic view of the blue sky during the day and the constellations at night giving your property the wow factor. 

One little-known feature of an opening flat glass roof light is its ability to cool your room naturally. Because warm air rises, if you open the rooflight you'll be letting out the humid air and in opening one of your normal windows, you would be letting in cool air - creating the chimney stack effect. As well as ventilating warm air, a flat glass rooflight can also be used as a form of ventilation for cooking, in getting rid of smells that linger. Above all, a flat glass roof window adds value to your property in modernising it and giving it a more open and spacious feel. 

1) ECO+ Fixed Flat Glass Rooflight 60x90cm 

The ECO+ Fixed Glass Rooflight is a part of our best-seller range because it is stylish and the best value for money option. This rooflight brings natural light into dark spaces with limited heat loss due to the outer-pane having a low E coating. Also, the double-glazed window has a safety inner pane and a toughened outer pane, which are separated by argon gas and a warm edge spacer with an impressive U-Value of 1.1 W/m²k.

The ECO+ fixed glass rooflight is ideal for 2-15° roof pitches. Perfect to brighten up any small rooms, this flat glass rooflight features a contemporary white internal finish and black external finish.

2) VELUX INTEGRA CVP 100100 S06Q Electric Clear Flat Glass Roof Window 100x100cm

Elegant on the outside, hard working on the inside – the VELUX INTEGRA CVP is highly energy efficient, modern and has a phenomenal spec.

With a 10-year guarantee, the VELUX INTEGRA CVP has an attractive eye-catching glass pane and the classic VELUX flat glass doomed rooflight that brings in tons of natural daylight through the double-glazed panes. As ‘INTEGRA’ suggests, the window is electrically operated by the well-known VELUX INTEGRA remote control – controlling the opening of the window and ventilation.

The innovative design consists of a polycarbonate dome, a grey external finish, white PVC internal finish and a single skin. The VELUX INTEGRA CVP is designed for roof pitches between 0 and 15° and with a U-Value of 1.2 W/m²K, your room will be kept and warm and well-lit!


VELUX Diagrams


VELUX Flat Glass Rooflight


3) Signature Fixed Glass Easy Clean Rooflight 100x200cm

The bespoke Signature fixed glass rooflight is Sterlingbuild’s own brand designed and manufactured in the UK and made to measure.

The leading-edge design maximises daylight while minimising the visible framework, offering best in function and form. Each bespoke window has to be on a roof pitch of 5° or more – but don’t worry, you can build an upstand if your roof pitch doesn’t quite sit at 5°.  This Signature rooflight comes with a 25-year guarantee and features a U-Value of 1.4 W/m2K – a long guarantee and a warm room, what else could you need!

This aesthetically-pleasing rooflight is completely bespoke, allowing you to customise glass specifications, shapes and sizes to meet every project’s requirement. The Signature fixed glass rooflight can come either double or triple glazed – whichever you fancy – with either an opaque glazing feature or a clear one! The window also comes in a wide range of sizes and 5 different colour options; anthracite grey, black, slate grey, traffic grey and white.

This phenomenal roof window is quite literally perfect for every project!

4) VELUX CFP 060060 S00M Fixed Clear Flat Roof Window 60x60cm

Unlike the VELUX INTEGRA CVP flat roof window, the VELUX CFP has a fixed operation, meaning it cannot be opened. The CFP comes with the same 10-year guarantee as the CVP does, though offers a more budget-friendly, less quirky window - if you liked the INTEGRA CVP but didn’t overly like the price tag, this one is for you!

The VELUX CFP is highly energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for bringing in daylight without bringing extra ventilation into the room! The CFP is double glazed with a laminated glazing feature and a U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K. This window is best suited for roof pitches between 0-15°; if you want to install it to a roof pitch below 5°, you must manufacture an upstand to raise the angle of the rooflight to at least 5°.

5) ECO+ Fixed Flat Glass Rooflight with Switch Glass 90x120cm

The ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight with switch glass is an environmentally friendly window that is very sleek and contemporary. The convenience of being able to switch the transparency of the glass at the push of a button means you don’t have to faff about with blinds!

The rooflight comes pre-glazed and ready to go. Switch glass uses a switchable polymer, allowing it to switch from being a transparent panel to an opaque one. The switch glass’ light transmission properties can be altered when light, heat or voltage is applied. Our switch glass rooflight comes with a modern wall switch and remote, giving that bit of luxury.

When purchasing this flat glass rooflight, you get a 10-year standard guarantee with the ECO+ Fixed Flat rooflight with switch glass and a lifetime guarantee against hail damage! This rooflight is ideal for 2-15° roof pitches and has a U-Value of 1.1W/m2K, making it extremely energy-efficient. It also matches all internal décor with it being white internally and black externally.

To learn more about switch glass, make sure to check out our previous blog on the ECO+ fixed flat rooflight with switch glass.

If you have any further queries regarding our best sellers, make sure to contact one of our expert team today.


About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content and blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.