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Home Improvement Ideas- Non-Opening Roof Windows

REAL Aluminium roof lantern ground floor extension

How might you ask would installing a non-opening roof window improve my home more than a window I could open? Well, answering this question depends on the layout of the room in which the window is going and what ventilation already exists or will exist in the room upon completion.

If you are considering building a single storey extension or designing an open-plan living area bringing together home and garden, it’s likely that bifolds or sliders are part of your plans. With the sheer amount of ventilation these doors bring when open, the need for a flat roof window or rooflight that opens is not always necessary.

Or perhaps the space is going to comprise of a combination of opening and non-opening windows, such as the ECO+ RESET roof window, to maximise the ammount of daylight that enters.

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Why Choose a Non-Opening Roof Window?

FAKRO non opening roof window

The biggest benefit to non-opening windows lay in their price. Windows that do not open cost far less than their more mobile counterparts, meaning you can save yourself hundreds of pounds. These savings can be spent improving other areas of the home.

To use two of our bestselling brands as examples, ECO+ and VELUX fixed flat glass roof windows can save you around £300 on their like-for-like electric equivalents. When compared in price to manual rooflights, the savings are slightly less but still substantial on VELUX and FAKRO models.

As flat roof windows are designed to be installed out of arm’s reach, a lot of our models are available in non-opening style only- this includes all of our roof lanterns from Korniche and REAL.

Non-opening pitched roof windows are a lot harder to find given pitched windows are often installed in lofts as the only source of ventilation. However, the ECO+ RESET works is a pitched roof window that's also suitable for most flat roof projects, while fixed pitched roof conservation windows are available from Heritage in all sizes.

But as far as flat roof windows are concerned, other than being cheaper the benefits of non-opening roof windows include guaranteed uninterrupted views of the outdoors and lower maintenance levels as less cleaning is required than with a window regulary exposed to the weather. With non-opening windows, nothing is lost in terms of light transmittance with the complete opposite true infact.

To help you find the right non-opening roof window, we have handpicked three of our bestselling products for you to consider.

Eco+ 45x85cm Flat Glass Rooflight

ECO+ flat glass rooflight en suite bathroom

One of our most popular flat roof windows right now thanks to its new record low price is the ECO+ 45x85cm flat glass rooflight, available while stocks last for only £225. This size model is available in fixed operation only, making it ideal for rooms where there is already suffice ventilation or for smaller, unhabitable spaces.

As is the norm with all ECO+ windows, the non-opening ECO+ rooflight has a very low U-value of 1.1 W/m²K, meaning it will keep the temperature in your room comfortable all year round, saving you unnecessary expenditure on heating bills while the flow of natural sunlight means you’ll save on electricity bills too.  

All ECO+ models come with a pre-fitted, insulted upstand- saving you time and money on buying timber and building your own. 

With its cost effective ability to bring natural light into any space, it is worth considering purchasing two ECO+ rooflights for a more even spread of sunlight around your extension.

See our ECO+ blog for more information.

Korniche Roof Lanterns

Korniche roof lantern installed in flat roof

Where the ECO+ flat glass rooflight is our cheapest rooflight, Korniche roof lanterns have strong claims to being the most visually impressive.

This non-opening rooflight has been expertly engineered with a minimalistic structure that offers uninterrupted views of the great outdoors. Though minimalistic in build, the look of the Korniche roof lantern could not be more luxurious while it’s actual construction makes it one of the strongest, safest and most durable rooflights on the market.

Aesthetically-pleasing glass lanterns are one of the best ways to bring optimum levels of sunlight into home extensions at the same time as making your new space feel more spacious thanks to the appearance of a higher ceiling.

Korniche lanterns are one of our many bespoke products, meaning you can customise your lantern to any size and specification. 

Visit our Made to Measure page for more information and guidance on our bespoke service. There you will find what’s on offer from another inventive manufacturer of non-opening roof windows, Signature.

VELUX Flat Glass Rooflights

VELUX flat glass rooflights

No ‘best roof window’ list would be complete without the inclusion of a VELUX, would it? Kings of the pitched roof window since as far back as WWII, VELUX are no strangers to flat roof windows either, producing a number of outstanding rooflights, including those of the non-opening variety.

VELUX fixed roof windows feature all of the impressive specs you would expect from a VELUX product, including U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²K, laminated inner pane for safety and lacquered aluminium cladding.

For sale at an affordable price that we promise you won't find cheaper anywhere else online, non-opening VELUX windows come in 9 different sizes and three different designs at Sterlingbuild.

For a roof window with that added wow factor, the VELUX fixed curved glass rooflight ticks all the right boxes. Its eye-catching appearance and low maintenance design makes it both a stylish and practical choice for home extensions.

See our recent VELUX’s flat roof window range blog for more information.

How About a Sun Tunnel?

Lightway sun tunnel installed in upstairs landing

Ok so it might not be strictly a window, but it is a highly effective non-opening lighting solution for the home. The Lightway sun tunnel is an attractive and practical feature for areas of the home where the installation of roof windows is not always possible, namely dark, small areas such as corridors and hallways.

Lightway sun tunnels, or sun pipes as they are also known, come with an exterior dome made of beautiful, handmade Bohemian crystal as standard, making them a good-looking addition to a property, both internally and externally.

To get the most out of the sun, opt for a rigid sun tunnel over a flexible one as less light is lost from roof to room.

For more on the benefits of sun tunnels and guidance on what sizes work best for different rooms, see our sun pipes blog.