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Make A Sound Investment With Noise Reduction Windows

 FAKRO noise reduction windows with pine frame in loft bedroom

If you are somebody who frequently has to turn up the volume on your TV to drown out unwanted noise coming from outside your home, this blog is one for you.

Not only can noise pollution be incredibly irritating when you’re trying to watch your favourite show, have a nap or read a book, too much noise has also been proven to be detrimental to your health as well as the value of your property.

It’s for these reasons that some homeowners place sound insulation above even light transmittance and thermal performance when picking a roof window, as blocking out the sound of road traffic, road works, aircraft, music and loud conversation becomes priority.

Though there are a few ways to soundproof your home, such as through better insulation of doors and walls, soundproof windows are one clever fix to cancelling out noise and are something that homeowners should seriously consider if undergoing or planning a loft conversion or other form of home extension.

Choosing noise reduction windows does not mean you cannot benefit from the other qualities which make roof windows an integral part of modern home renovations. You can have a window that greatly reduces the level of noise from outside yet still lets in huge amounts of sunlight and still works to maintain comfortable temperatures in your room at all times.

Though no roof window, or any window for that matter, can be 100% soundproof, we have a wide range of noise reduction windows available which will go a long way to giving you a better quality of everyday living.

Before we point you in the direction of our varied ranged of noise cancelling windows, it’s important to know just how the sound reducing quality attached to our windows is measured. 

How do we Measure Noise Reduction? 

VELUX white noise reduction windows in loft conversion

Sound reduction is measured in decibels (dB) on our product specifications, the unit which measures the intensity of sound.  

The basic rule to remember is the higher the dB number on our windows, the better the sound insulation. The dB level indicates how much of the sound energy from the original sound is transmitted through the window and into your room.

For example, a window with a dB rating of 40 will reduce an outside noise of 70 decibels to 30 decibels, resulting in a drop in sound transmission of over 50%.

Another general rule to remember is the more mass, the greater reduction of noise, hence why when an extra level of glazing is added to a window frame, the amount of noise that comes through is almost always diminished.

Noise reduction windows are available at Sterlingbuild from pitched roof window manufacturers, RoofLITE VELUX and FAKRO, all at the lowest prices online guaranteed by our Price Match+ promise. Here’s what’s on offer: 

RoofLITE Noise Reduction Windows

RoofLITE noise reduction pitched roof windows in loft

If it's a noise reduction window that will not blow your budget you're after, RoofLITE should be right at the top of your list. 

Noise reduction windows from RoofLITE, sister brand to VELUX, are available in 13 different sizes starting from £199- our cheapest price online. For sale in white paint and pine, RoofLITE windows are manufactured with special noise reduction glazing in a centre-pivot opening style.

Traditional yet stylish pine windows from RoofLITE are perfect for loft bedrooms, such as the one pictured above, or in offices and study rooms. Opt for a white paint finish if you are looking for a soundproof window that will fit seamlessly into white interiors.

As well as improving home comfort levels by reducing outdoor noise pollution, RoofLITE noise reduction windows will also help regulate the temperture in your home better, evidenced by very low U-values of 1.2 W/m²K. All RoofLITE noise reduction windows come with double glazing as standard, with an insulation collar coming free with the window.

VELUX Noise Reduction Windows

VELUX noise reduction windows in children's bedroom in loft conversion

Having been the undisputed leader in the production of roof windows for over 70 years, it should come as no surprise that VELUX makes a wider range of noise reduction windows than any other manufacturer and that their windows have the highest dB ratings of all.

Noise cancelling windows from VELUX have dB scores as high as 42 for their triple-glazed models. For an indication of how good a number this is, let’s refer to the decibel scale. A roof window with a dB rating of 42 will cut the sound of a loud radio (80) in half and will drown out the sound of conversion by over 80%, making VELUX noise reductions windows perfect for when the party down the road goes on into the wee small hours.  

Having the additional pane of glass will also provide your room with a host of other benefits asides from noise insulation. Triple glazing noise reduction windows will also keep heat in your home far more efficiently, meaning you'll save money on energy bills.    

Available in white paint and pine, the prices of VELUX triple-glazed soundproof windows start as low as £350. To upgrade a standard VELUX GGL window to a noise reduction window will only set you back £21- a bargain when you consider how more peaceful you will be making your home.

Soundproof windows from VELUX are available in manual with centre pivot, top hung, vertical and sloping opening methods.

FAKRO Noise Reduction Windows

FAKRO noise reduction windows with yellow blinds in loft space

Just as impressive as VELUX noise reduction windows is the offering from market competitor, FAKRO. Soundproof windows from FAKRO come with a special noise reduction glazing feature which gives the windows an impressive rating of 40 dB, only just short of VELUX’s top scoring window, this despite only being equiped with double glazing.

The fact that FAKRO’s noise reduction windows are double-glazed brings their price down, ideal for if your budget is a bit tighter. Noise cancelling windows from FAKRO start at just £240 for the 55x98cm model

FAKRO noise reduction windows are available in manual operation only, so are best installed at head height. It is possible, however, to install them out of arm’s reach with the additional purchase of a FAKRO telescopic control rod.

We also stock a large number of tripled-glazed and quadruple-glazed flat roof windows with great sound reduction qualities. Noise reduction windows can be supplemented further with the addition of blinds, especially external roller shutters and awning blinds- available from both VELUX and FAKRO.

*Prices correct at time of publication