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NEW for 2016! VELUX White-Painted Roof Windows

VELUX is leading the UK toward brighter homes.

Today, VELUX launched its new white painted roof window range that promises to give more white, more light and more life.

What's so Special About the new Range?

The same VELUX quality with a brighter finish.

The new range will help you create a lighter, brighter living space. The white finish will reflect more light back into your loft conversion or home extension than classic pine does. Not only that, the white finish will match your white ceiling, other white windows and doors, and complement both traditional and contemporary decor.

VELUX white paint roof windows

White Paint Finish

VELUX has been leading the roof window market for more than 70 years. Recently, they've seen a move towards white finish windows and decided to launch a pocket friendly white paint window range for bedrooms and living spaces. What do you get from this new window?

VELUX white paint window cross section

  • A high-quality window available across all sizes and features

  • All components are painted before assembly to ensure a superior finish

  • A solid frame made from a high quality certified wood

  • Best in class water-based white paint to allow the wood to breathe

  • An attractive natural wood grain that's visible through the paint

  • UV resistant treatment that preserves the bright, white finish.

Safety Glazing as Standard

The white paint finish windows are fitted with VELUX Safety 70 glazing as standard.

This gives you a double glazed window with a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane. This glazing option offers good heat and sound insulation, and is a much better spec than the old Standard 50 toughened glazing.


Same Energy Efficient Design

VELUX ThermoTechnology™ ensures your windows are made with high performance materials and your window has excellent levels of energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal. Look for the ThermoTechnology seal for your guarantee of excellent thermal performance.

VELUX ThermoTechnology improves energy efficiency

What Does VELUX say?

"There’s more than 70 years of VELUX quality, innovation and service built into every one of our new white-painted roof windows. They're the same great quality as our traditional clear lacquer pine roof windows but in a great new finish - perfect for replacing existing roof windows, new builds and renovations."

New VELUX rooflights

At Sterlingbuild, we've been infected with the excitement of the VELUX team and support their belief that this new range can only bring a huge array of benefits to your home. What you can't deny is you'll get VELUX quality down to the last screw.

Discover more about this stylish model in this short video:


Is This the end of the Classic Pine Roof Window?

No. Whilst the standard VELUX window is now a white paint finish with laminated glazing, the VELUX pine window range is still available. However, the lead time is longer and, some might say, they won't look as good in your home.


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