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NEW IN! Korniche Glass Lanterns


The Korniche Glass Lantern

The Korniche lantern is a contemporary, minimalistic rooflight that creates a bright living space, allowing you to gaze at the exceptional views outside your home at an affordable price! The Korniche rooflight is the ideal choice, it is optimised to result in the strongest pyramid lantern possible. 

Why Do You Need a Korniche Glass Lantern?

The reason why you need, not just any old lantern, but the Korniche Glass Pyramid is because it is the undeniably the best on the market; with little to no obscurity, a vast colour range, 10-year guarantee and it is made to measure – what more could you want from a lantern!

The Korniche rooflight is the quickest and most efficient lantern to install – in as quick as 30 minutes! It is also substantially stronger than other leading lanterns on the market, making the Korniche Lantern a secure home solution. The glass has a class-leading thermal performance U-value of 1.2W/m2K and eliminates cold bridging.

This pyramid is one of the most elegant, modern slimline products on the market, designed with cutting-edge engineering concepts. Overall creating an aesthetically-pleasing appearance – whilst still maintaining some traditional features.

The Korniche rooflight also boasts the largest size for a 4 glass panel lantern of 2.5m x 3m – any sizes above this will be a 6-panel lantern.

Korniche Lantern USPs

Features of the Korniche Lantern

The Korniche lantern comes in 5 different colour combinations – thus you can select the perfect finish to suit your internal décor. These include;

The argon-filled, double-glazed glass panes sit 25o off your flat roof and are 24mm thick with self-cleaning – so you don’t have to faff about trying to clean it yourself! We also offer three glazing finishes in neutralblue tint and sunshade blue tint – providing no need for a blind! 

A Few Installation Guidelines

The eaves of the house are to sit flush on the 7cm wide external upstand - which you are required to build yourself; here is a guide on how to build the upstand – make sure the upstand is level and to size!

No sealant is required in roof construction and after the eaves beam has been fitted, there is no need to apply anymore sealant. All the seals are pre-filled, meaning no mess, no wasted time and no extra cost!

Make sure you check out our new Korniche glass lanterns now and find out some further information, you won’t be disappointed! Also have a look at our Korniche lantern brochure and the consumer brochure!

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About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content writer at Sterlingbuild.