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NEW IN! Heritage Conservation Roof Windows

The Ideal Rooflight for Traditional Buildings

Sterlingbuild is proud to exclusively bring you the Conservation Rooflight from Heritage. This traditional-inspired, elegant and award-winning roof window is perfect for adding more light to listed buildings, barns or church conversions.

What is so Special About This Rooflight?

Beautifully designed with slim, clean lines and a low profile to match any roof; the Conservation Rooflight enhances the aesthetics of any building - what more could you ask for?

The Conservation Rooflight is constructed out of 3mm mild steel which is ideal for replicating the Victorian cast iron roof window. This rooflight features a glazing bar down the middle of the window and fixed with glazing clips, making it a firm favourite of conservation officers in the UK.

Whilst performing to the highest modern standards, the Conservation Rooflight manages to maintain its traditional appearance and is featured on many award-winning British Heritage buildings such as the Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace and Somerset House - how amazing is that!

Natural History Museum Conservation rooflight      Somerset House Conservation Rooflights


The Heritage Conservation Rooflight offers a paintable, moisture internal lining so it can blend in with your internal décor perfectly as it sits flush to the reveal. To better compliment your home and roof window we have a range of blinds coming soon that will suit everyone’s taste!

Compared to a Normal Rooflight?

The Conservation Rooflight performs the same as a pitched roof window in terms of letting in light into rooms with sloping ceilings. But this rooflight has a much sleeker appearance that effortlessly blends in and doesn’t attract too much attention whereas a pitched roof window has thicker profiles. The Heritage range has a black powder coated external finish which blends naturally into all roofing materials.  

Rooflights from Heritage are perfect for older, traditional buildings, where modern pitched roof windows would just look out of place, but just like with anything, there will always be pros and cons!

Now to the Technical Information

The Conservation Rooflight from Heritage is thermally-efficient with a U-value of 1.5 W/m²K because of the toughened, double glazed, argon-filled glass. This window has a UV light filter which reduces the risk of fading to carpets and furniture. The Heritage windows allow up to 80% light transmission through the glass which is perfect for lighting up the whole room! Also, this conservation rooflight is suitable for pitched roofs between 17 and 65 degrees.

The Conservation Rooflight comes with two different guarantees, a 10-year frame guarantee and a 5-year glazing guarantee. So, if anything were to happen to either the frame or the glass, don’t worry, we will help you sort out the problem - no fuss!

What we Offer at Sterlingbuild

We have 3 different types of the Heritage Conservation Rooflight, in 8 different sizes, with or without tile flashing, creating a 62-product range.

The Heritage range of rooflights are available with a flashing suitable for tiles, or if you were to buy the conservation roof window without the flashing then on-site lead is used to make up soakers for fitting with slate.

The 3 different types include; a fixed roof window, a manual top-hung roof window and an electric top-hung roof window.

The 8 sizes include (w x h):

Check out our exclusive Conservation Rooflight range from Heritage today - I know you won’t regret it! 

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact our friendly team of experts who will be more than happy to help you. 

About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.