The ECO+ Pitched Roof Window Just Got ECO Friendlier

ECO+ has further improved the energy credentials of its pitched roof windows by dropping the U-value of all triple glazed centre pivot units.

By Larry Bohan on 06 November 2018

eco+ triple glazed roof window

ECO+ triple glazed windows were already one of the most eco friendly windows on the market, but now stand in a league of their own with a U-value of 0.83 W/m²K, a commitment to the kind of thermal performance of which the brand was named.

A U-value is the energy rating given to a window to show how thermally efficient it is, how effective it is at keeping homes warm and, in turn, how much it can potentially save you on heating bills during the winter and all year round.

eco+ roof window installed in bathroom

The energy efficiency of the updated ECO+ is virtually unmatched on the market when it comes to triple glazed roof windows, with the new U-value superior to that of some of the industry’s leading, internationally renowned brands.

All ECO+ triple glazed roof windows are manufactured with a warm edge spacer and low-E coating which reflects heat back inside the building. The glazing Ug value remains an impressive 0.5 W/m2K.

Belying these insulation features is the window’s affordability. Attempting to change what is considered ‘standard glazing' for roof windows, triple glazed ECO+ units are available for a price lower than any like-for-like model at Sterlingbuild.

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Has Anything Else Been Changed?

 eco+ pvc roof window

Yes it has. The ECO+ centre pivot roof window has switched from using laminated glass to toughened internal and external panes.

Toughened glass is stronger than laminated glass and 200 times stronger than standard glass. Should a child throw something up at the window or a wayward football strike it from outside, the glass would now be far less likely to shatter.

While laminated glass is beneficial in that it stays in place when shattered (like on a car windscreen), it is not quite as strong as toughened glass meaning it is more likely to be damaged and need replacing.

Toughened glass will break up into peices when shattered, however, it will be into many small, unjagged pieces that should not cause much harm to anybody in close proximity as long as the glass is cleared up straight away.

For more on the difference between these two types of safety glass, check out the Sterlingbuild blog- 'Should You Choose Laminated Glass Or Toughened Glass?'

The minimal maintenance white PVC frame of the window remains the same, making it highly suitable for humid environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and perfectly suitable for converted loft bedrooms too.

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What About ECO Flat Roof Windows?

eco+ flat roof windows

No changes have been made to the ECO+ flat roof window. Its low U-value of 1.1W/m2K remains the same, making it, like its pitched roof counterpart, one of the most thermally efficient rooflights out there.

An ecomonical and time saving solution for flat roof extesions and new builds, ECO+ flat rooflights come with an insulated upstand as standard for a hassle-free, cheaper installation.

The smallest size ECO+ unit is currently available for its cheapest ever price ever while stocks last.

The ECO+ flat roof window range also includes innovative, industry-first designs such as the ECO+ Spherical, ECO+ Multi LED rooflight and ECO+ Switch glass rooflight.

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