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DIY Advice- Lightway Sun Tunnel Installation

Lightway sun tunnel installation in plain tiled roof

The upward trajectory of sun tunnels, or sun tubes/sun pipes as many know them, appears to have no ceiling with their use in both domestic and commercial applications having seen a continuous rise over the last few years. 

A versatile alternative to roof windows and rooflights, sun tunnels can be used throughout the home, from small cupboards to large bedrooms, in a single large installation or cluster of smaller tunnels.

Spearheading this surge in popularity is Czech brand, Lightway, a manufacturer of rigid sun tubes of various sizes, all of which come equipped with exterior domes made of much-vaunted Bohemian crystal at Sterlingbuild, the brand’s sole UK distributor.

If you have purchased a Lightway product with us, you will have received an instruction manual with installation guidance. As we all know, however, picture-based instructions are not always the most helpful of guides and can be a little confusing and or misleading.

It is for this reason that Lightway has released several insightful installation videos to give customers a more visual, easier-to-replicate idea of how to fit a sun tunnel into a roof. The videos also cover the installation of the different Lightway accessories that can be purchased seperately from your tunnel to enhance scope and performance. Our videos cover Lightway Blue Performance, extensions tubes, adjustable elbow and electric dimmer.

If you are a new Lightway sun tunnel owner, we hope our videos below will get you enjoying the many benefits of your tunnel in next to no time with a stress-free installation. 

To discover more about sun tunnels and find out what size is required to adequately brighten up rooms of specific dimensions, visit our Sun Tunnel Buying Guide.

L‌ightway Sun Tunnel & Dome Installation

Roof Section Installation, Pitched Roof With Plain Tiles

Roof Section Installation, Pitched Roof With Corrugated Tiles

Lightway Roof Dome Installation, Pitched Roof With Plain Tiles

Roof Dome Installation, Pitched Roof With Corrugated Tiles

‌‌L‌ightway Accessories Installation

Blue Performance Into Pitched Roof

Blue Performance Into Ceiling

Reflective Sunpipe Installation 

Dimmer Installation 

‌For further assistance on installing your Lightway sun tunnel and accessories, please get in touch with our sales team on 01303 888466. We are more than happy to help!