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Lightway Sun Tunnels

Transform the darker areas of your home into light and welcoming spaces with supreme performance sun tunnels from Lightway.

Expertly engineered in the Czech Republic, Lightway Crystal sun tunnels allow natural daylight to flow in from the roof through a highly reflective tube to brighten up any spot in the home that needs bringing to life.

lightway dome light flow

A Lighting Solution For All Roofs

Whether you are looking to welcome sunlight into the home via a pitched roof or flat roof, Lightway’s versatile range of sun tunnels have the solution for you.

Lightway products are straightforward to install, with everything you’ll need to complete the job coming as part of a value for money kit, including flashing and adjustable elbow.

Lightway are also the only sidewall sun tunnel manufacturer in the world, producing a through-wall tube that is ideal for illuminating dark rooms, such as cellars and attics.

Bohemian Crystal: Unmatched Performance & Appearance

Every sun tunnel in our Lightway collection comes fitted as standard with an exterior dome made of beautiful, immensely popular Bohemian crystal. Sitting proudly above the roof tiles, Lightway’s Bohemian crystal dome is a standout feature in its own right.

Rest assured, the exterior dome is not just for show. The design and shape of the dome refracts sunlight inwards, capturing more light than a flat glass sun tunnel ever could.

This Bohemian glass is also self-cleaning, greatly reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Lightway pitched and flat roof demo

Cheapest Prices Online

You will not find Lightway sun tunnels available for a better price than at Sterlingbuild thanks to our Price Match Promise.

Lightway sun tunnels are extremely good value for money, offering a simple, affordable and highly practical solution to  bringing light to areas of the home which might otherwise be costly to brighten.

Purchasing a sun tunnel is a smart investment in the long run, as the additional sunlight and warmth that they bring to the home is pretty much guaranteed to save you money on the running costs of your home going forward.

Ideal Sizes For Every Room

The suitability of Lightway sun tunnels is helped by a healthy range of sizes that can shower any number of room types with natural light.

From cupboards and kitchens to hallways and bedrooms, sun tunnels can be used in every room in the house, in an installation of one or two, or as a cluster of smaller-sized tunnels.

The table below shows what size tunnel is best suited to different room types:

Tunnel diameterRoom sizeRoom type 
15.5cm0-4m²Small rooms, cupboards and short corridorsShop Now
23-25cm4-10m²Hallways, small bathrooms or specific area of a larger spaceShop Now
32-45cm11-15m²Large hallways, stairwell and bathroomsShop Now
52-55cm16-22m²Kitchens, bedrooms and living roomShop Now
lightway maximus 5000 sun tunnel

Optimum Light Transmittance

All Lightway sun tunnels come with a rigid tube which allows for greater light transmittance than flexible tubes. Extension tubes and adjustable elbows can be purchased seperately to improve reach and maneuverability, along with a number of other accessories to aid performance.

Rigid tubes allow for a more direct passage of sunlight from roof to room as less light is lost as a result of bouncing of the internal surface of the tube. Lightway products offer up to 20m of effective light distribution and can produce the equivalent level of daylight as 5 lightbulbs on a sunny day and 4 on a cloudy day.

For larger commercial applications, the Lightway Maximus 5000 offers a healthier and cheaper alternative to artificial lighting.