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Introducing The New Generation Of VELUX Windows

The New Generation Of VELUX

VELUX New Generation windows

VELUX's new generation of energy efficient roof windows is creating a big buzz in the industry.

These innovative windows let the warmth from the sun into your room and keep it there. Simply put, when you install these roof windows you get more light, more fresh air and lower energy bills.

Insulate Your Roof With Daylight!

Jorgen Tang-Jensen, Group CEO of VELUX A/S, said: "The new generation combines outstanding insulation properties with significantly improved benefits from passive solar gain and thereby reaches excellent energy efficiency levels.

"In this way, VELUX roof windows will be a net contributor to low-energy housing, which is so important to reducing global energy consumption, of which buildings account for about 40 per cent."

Enjoy More Daylight

Don't underestimate the benefits of daylight for your home, body and mind.

The new VELUX roof window gives you more daylight than ever - up to 18% more natural light - allowing you to enjoy the days for longer, as well as reducing the need for electrical light. This is aided by the new, elegant design, which has a larger pane space thanks to the slimmer sashes and frames.

Design With daylight

Natural daylight is often overlooked, but think how it can completely transform a room - even making it appear larger. Natural light creates a changing environment as the sun rises and sets, allowing you to enjoy your room 24/7.

Health And Well-being

Sunlight can improve your well-being by causing your body to produce vitamin D for healthy teeth, bones and immune system, as well as your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by the lack of daylight and can cause serious health problems.


Enjoy More Comfort

Year round, these VELUX windows allow you to enjoy your home in comfort.

Fresh Air

The new ergonomic control bar features a background ventilation position that allows fresh air into your room even when the window is closed should you choose.

Comfortable Temperatures

Thanks to the larger pane more heat is let into your room (solar gain); whilst heat loss (U-value) is managed by the windows' insulation properties. This creates an ideal comfort level in your room.

With the help of blinds designed to fit perfectly, you can enjoy improved energy balance in your home. External sun-shading for improved heat management during the summer and internal sun-shading to aid insulation in the winter.

The VELUX INTEGRA ensures balanced comfort automatically. The innovative control pad lets you manage your entire range of INTEGRA products from the comfort of your sofa.

Enjoy Improved Energy Balance

VELUX believes windows, shutters, blinds and fresh air can improve comfort and sustainability, all managed with the touch of a button.

The new VELUX INTEGRA control pad makes it easier and faster to manage electric VELUX products - and other io-homecontrol® products. The INTEGRA control pad has been completely re-designed to be more user-friendly, providing easy to action indoor climate control. You can manage your devices remotely or let the system do it for you via built-in programmes. For example, the energy balance programme automatically optimises indoor climate and energy efficiency based on your home's location, window position and other information.

Other programmes include good morning/night, energy balance, airing and holiday home.

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Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Low U-values

The new generation windows have improved insulation properties due to their innovative design and high quality components. The larger pane allows more solar heat in, as well as daylight, whilst high performance insulation material (VELUX ThermoTechnology™) reduces heat loss. The roof windows have a low U-value of 1.2 for the standard window, an excellent energy efficiency score.

These roof windows can be installed faster and at two different levels in the roof - standard or flush - thanks to the new multi-level installation bracket. With a flush installation, the window lies 40mm deeper in the roof, giving a more aesthetic appearance and further energy savings.

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