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The New ECO+ Flat Glass Rooflight With LED Lights

ECO+ flat glass rooflight with LED lights

Introducing the ECO+ Flat Glass Rooflight With LED Lights

ECO+ has added to their ever-growing flat roof window family - the first ever flat glass rooflight with LED lights.

Controlled by a remote control that sits firmly in the palm of your hand, the new flat glass rooflight is the first of its kind and the only rooflight on the market that comes with pre-fitted LED lights.

Sold exclusively through Sterlingbuild, the versatile flat glass rooflight offers the possibility to add mood lighting to any home due to the energy-saving LED lights. LED’s use only a fraction of the energy when compared to an incandescent light bulb - up to 90% less which means a dramatic decrease in power costs. Due to the long lifespan of an LED light, money is also saved in maintenance and replacement bulb costs.

The LED lights are pre-wired and the controller simply plugs into a standard plug socket and it’s ready to use. The lights themselves come in a choice of seven colours including red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple or white.

Add this unique product to your new or existing space and enjoy the comfort of the flat glass rooflight with LED lights.

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