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Enjoy A Healthier Indoor Climate With VELUX ACTIVE


With an alarming study recently finding that the air in our homes (where we now spend 90% of our time) is on average five times as polluted as the air from outside, now is the time to make sure your indoor climate is a healthy one for you and your family.

While this can be done by making small changes like airing your home more often and not drying your clothes indoors, for those lucky enough to own a VELUX INTEGRA roof window and those considering purchasing one as part of a home extension or renovation project, VELUX is releasing a brand new sensor-based system that lets your home take care of your health.

This pioneering system is called VELUX ACTIVE, a three-piece kit that works in tandem with VELUX INTEGRA electric or solar roof windows, blinds and shutters by providing regular, automatic ventilation in order to create the optimum indoor climate for your home. VELUX ACTIVE also comes with an app that lets you track and manage the air condition in your home on your phone. 


Create The Perfect Indoor Climate


While there are certain atmospheric elements in our homes that most of us automatically react to by opening or closing windows, namely temperature and moisture build-up from cooking and showering, there are more consipicuous gases and particles at play that we are not addressing nearly enough. VELUX ACTIVE monitors room temperature, humidity and C02 levels, reacting accordingly to allow you to rest at ease in the knowledge that your home is working to make everyday living more beneficial to your health.

The benefits of good fresh air and more natural light are numerous. Again, some of these are well known whereas others are not. Having adequate levels of ventilation can prevent physical health issues ranging from itchy eyes, headaches and troubled sleep to asthma and allergies. Though there is no infallible way of eradicating these, VELUX ACTIVE goes a long way to creating a healthy home environment that lowers the chances of them developing.

VELUX ACTIVE does not rest on its laurels. The smart technology acts as your home's very own weatherman, detecting changes in the temperature outside early. So, when we get one of those rare British mornings when the forecasts predict a hot and sunny day ahead, your INTEGRA windows will open themselves before your home gets overheated to ensure you do not wake in the morning or from a nap uncomfortably.

Watch VELUX's trending 'Indoor Generation' video below to discover more about the importance of natural light and fresh air in the home, before reading the Sterlingbuild 'Finding a Remedy for the Indoor Generation' blog for further ideas on how to change.

Operating VELUX ACTIVE could not be easier. The new system comes with an app which can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play and controlled via a few touches of your phone from anywhere in the home or anywhere in the world. Operation is even easier if you have an iPhone, with VELUX ACTIVE’s compatibility with Apple Homekit allowing you to operate your INTEGRA windows by voice activation for the ultimate in convenience.

Installing ACTIVE is extremely straightforward and can be achieved in quick time, especially if you already have VELUX INTEGRA wired into your home’s electric circuit, as everything else you need can be installed by yourself.

The VELUX ACTIVE kit comes in three parts; an indoor climate sensor that measures temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, a departure switch that securely closes all INTEGRA windows when you leave the house and locks them in safe mode, and the VELUX ACTIVE gateway, a wireless communication hub which ties all the technology together.

The indoor climate sensor and departure switch can be purchased seperately should you have INTEGRA windows installed in more than one room in the home or want departure switches for multiple exit doors. Find out more about the indiviudal parts of ACTIVE by clicking on the links below.

Extend Your Home The Healthy Way

If you are currently working on or considering enlarging your living space, VELUX ACTIVE is a smart way to ensure all new rooms are healthy and child-friendly from the get go. If you plan on having VELUX INTEGRA windows installed in multiple rooms, or already have so, separate indoor climate sensors and departure switches can be purchased to make all your rooms as healthy as can be.

Imagine getting that same fresh air feeling you get when you go outside every time you arrive home from work. VELUX ACTIVE makes this a reality without you having to do anything. Though space and appearance will most often take precedent for homeowners when it comes to extension priorities, making sure your living or leisure area is a healthy, fresh and comfortable one is even more important.

All VELUX INTEGRA windows can be upgraded with VELUX ACTIVE and installed in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and loft bedrooms, perfect for protecting the health of children who are most vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution and whose bedrooms are proven to be more polluted than those of adults.

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If you want to upgrade your manual VELUX windows to electric, you do not have to splash out on a brand new window as you can simply purchase a VELUX Conversion Kit to bring your windows up to date for you to then be able to enjoy the many benefits of VELUX ACTIVE.

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