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Is This The Best Sedum Roof Kit? We Think So

Who are GrufeKit?

GrufeKit are part of the ANS Global Group and have specialist knowledge in bringing ecology into architecture. You might have even seen ANS Global Group's living walls around the UK.

GrufeKit makes GrufeTiles, which contain everything you need to install a beautiful green roof in one easy to use kit.

GrufeKit living roofs at lower prices


Choose the Flowers you Want

Something extra special about this system - GrufeKit will happily create GrufeTiles tailored to what you want. Whether you want to enhance your property with flowers indigenous to your area, enjoy a blanket of purple wildflowers or grow herbs or strawberries, the team at GrufeKit will ensure you get it.


Choose the flowers & plants you want


What are the Risks of Your Green Roof Dying?

None. GrufeKit GrufeTiles are pre-grown so the plants are well established before delivery to site, which means when you get your living roof modules, they'll provide an instant green roof with no threat of dying back in days.

Why are GrufeKits the Easiest way to Install a Green Roof?

What's so fantastic about GrufeKit is it's incredibly easy to install. Any roofer or good DIYer with no experience of installing living roofs will be able to do it.

Easy to install green roofing


  • Self-install - No training or experience needed
  • Lightweight - Each GrufeTile module is easy to move and positioned by 1 person
  • Pre-grown - Your GrufeTiles are already established giving you an instant green roof
  • Trustworthy delivery - Not only will your green roof supplies be delivered on time, they'll be delivered to site
  • No irrigation needed - The system retains rainwater so there's no need for a complicated irrigation system
  • 4-in-1 format - Each living roof tile contains everything it needs to thrive
  • Modular - The easy to move independent tiles make installation, moving and replacement easy


This video shows how easy GrufeKit green roof tiles are to install

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