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Find Your Perfect Window Or Dome In Three Simple Steps

We've Made Finding Your Perfect Product Easier

Finding a product to add daylight to a room below a flat roof or a pitched roof has just got easier.

Select your roof type and read up on the products suitable for your roof. You'll find useful information about the benefits of the product types, such as which comply with building regulations, or why a domed flat roof window is a better investment than a flat roof window.

Once you've decided upon the product you need for your home improvement project, go to the next stage to find models that will fit the dimensions.

Lowest Priced Windows And Domes

We keep an eye on our competitors' prices so you don't have to. If we don't quote you the lowest delivered price for your model, contact us and we'll match. Read our price match promise.

Products to brighten up a pitched roof room   

Products to brighten a flat roof room 

Pitched Roof Daylighting Solutions

Roof windows and skylights differ in that skylights don't meet build regulations and so are limited to use in uninhabited spaces, such as hallways, lofts and outbuildings. You can find more information on the Planning Portal.

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Roof Windows

Roof windows flood your loft conversion or extension with daylight, fresh air and a clear view, adding a real impact to your home.

Range Of Choice

The leading brands offer a range of innovative roof window designs with a solution for every need. Whether your installation is low on the roof and you need head space (opt for a top hung frame) or is high up (opt for a remote controlled model), there is a budget friendly answer for your home improvement project.

Something For Everyone

Are you a bargain hunter, gadget lover or want a wow factor for your home? We can offer you a window with high-quality components at an affordable price, the ability to control your windows and blinds from the comfort of your sofa or a stunning feature.

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 cheap skylights


Skylights are a low-cost way of adding daylight and ventilation to a loft space, garage or shed. They are strictly for uninhabited spaces.

Value For Money

Whilst being the UK's cheapest skylights, the models we sell are definitely the best value for money. Their simple, effective and durable design ensure you receive all the benefits of natural light whilst protecting your space from the weather for many years to come.

Roof Access

If you need roof access, as well as light in your uninhabited space, choose a model that allows easy access to the roof to perform maintenance work or as an emergency escape. Read more about means of escape windows.

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Flat Roof Daylighting Solutions

Flat roof domed glass windows

Double Glazed Flat Roof Windows With A Dome

This product has it all - excellent thermal insulation and sound proofing, weatherproofing, durability, and improved security.

Protection From The Outside

The energy saving double glazed flat roof window is covered with a polycarbonate dome. This creates an added layer of protection against outside noise, and the sound of rain and hail hitting your installation.

Customise To Your Needs

Choose from a number of options to create a window that best suits your needs, including fixed and opening models, and an opaque finish for privacy.

Built To Last

The dome provides a route for the rain to drain away, protecting the flat roof window below from damage.

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VELUX & FAKRO flat roof glass windows 

Flat Roof Glass Windows

These non-domed roof lights are double glazed for excellent thermal insulation and a design that looks good from the inside and out.

Good Looking

This window has a modern, stylish finish thanks to the highly aesthetic design. The white internal finish will complement any ceiling, whilst flooding the room with daylight.

Touch Of Luxury

A range of options means you can have a window that suits your needs and budget, including electric blinds.

It can be mounted on an additional base, raising the installation to allow you enjoy a green/living roof. Signature flat glass rooflights can be made bespoke to any size or spec.

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Flat Roof Domes

Polycarbonate domes are the budget friendly option. Choose a fixed or opening thermoformed dome to protect your room from UV rays.


Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of these domes - they are virtually unbreakable, having an impact strength up to 250 times greater than glass.


Opt for a single skin dome for uninhabited spaces, such as a garage or shed.

You will need a double skin if you're replacing an existing dome, and a triple skin for new installations to comply with Building Regulations. Available in square, rectangular and circular shapes.

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