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FAKRO topSafe® - The Unique System Of Home Security

FAKRO is proud of its topSafe® system of window re-enforcement, and with good reason. But what is it, and what does it offer you and your home?

What is TopSafe?

FAKRO topSafe is an innovative system of specially shaped and mounted hinges that stop timber splitting or the forcing of hinges and sash.

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FAKRO's innovative shaped and mounted hinges stop the wood from splitting or any forcing of the hinges and sash.Specially reinforced structure and locking parts come as standard with each FAKRO roof window.
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Metal reinforcement makes it so much harder for intruders to get in through your roof window with a crowbar. FAKRO designs and builds its roof windows with the aim to look great and provide the highest element of security for your home.

In fact, this unique hinge system is several times stronger than any other roof window - as the video below proves:

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What Does This Mean for you?

First and foremost, peace of mind.

The FAKRO topSafe design makes it so much more difficult for would-be intruders to crowbar their way into your home. So, if your roof is easily accessible, you can sleep safe in your loft conversion or let your children play in your home extension with the knowledge your home is protected when you install FAKRO roof windows.

FAKRO roof windows with topSafe security

FAKRO's unique design has meant its roof windows meet a minimum Class III EN 13049, the standard for impact testing of windows and glass.

As well as a more secure home, you get stylish, durable roof windows that will look fantastic for years to come.

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